Deadpan Annual #1 Review

Warning Parental Advisory. This is not for Kids


“Deadpool and his Insufferable Pals”

Writer: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn

Art: Scott Koblish 

Colour: Chris Sotomayor 

Editor: Jordan D. White 


Hey there True Believers! While it’s not a spider-man book, how could we resist bringing you a review on the adventures of the Web Head’s best friend, the Merc With the Mouth, Deadpool! In a story that is told through the eyes of hit 80’s cartoon series ‘Spider-man and his Amazing Friends!’


Spider-man is missing. Ice Man and Firestar are forced to put up with Peter’s room being sublet to Deadpool. When the Sinister Six go on a crime spree Deadpool kills Mysterio and convinces his “amazing Friends” that the sinister six killed Peter. In their anger Iceman and Firestar kill off the other members with Deadpool. As the battle draws to a close, who should appear but Spider-man. Deadpool had buried spider-man alive in order to take his place. Angered at the betrayal Iceman and Firestar dispose of Deadpool and take off with Spidey. Deadpool survives and sets off to make two new friends (Colossus and Negasonic teenage War head ) as credits roll.


So I have reviewed a lot of Deadpool issues on this webpage, as he has become a larger part of Spider-man’s world this past year. I do tend to get stuck on issues like this one. It is a flat out comedy book and comedy is hard to review. What makes you laugh may not make me laugh and vice versa. The book doesn’t take itself seriously so it is hard to review it seriously.

I do love the premise. For those that don’t know, since Duggan has been writing Deadpool they have been doing this style of story telling where Deadpool jumps into certain marvel time periods he was not around for. The art for these issues is done by Koblish the artist we have here. Having him jump into Spider-man and his Amazing friends is an inspired choice. 60’s spider-man has been played out before comedy wise and other cartoons are too recent to poke fun at the same way. (Although you could have fun with 90’s Fox cartoons narration and lack of punching).


The humour is did tickle my funny bone. Highlights included Deadpool telling Aunt May she isn’t “Marisa Tomei hot”. Calling Electro “electric Company” and Doc Ock “Elton john on stilts” . Kraven pulling out a snake from his pants was a great bit too. We do also get some comic book humour too as Deadpool talks about taking from “Kraven’s Last hunt”

The violence is excessive here. There is more spilled blood here than almost any comic featuring Spider-man I could think of. It does however work for the style of comedy the book is going for. It is great seeing the enemies’ horrified reaction to the generally tame heroes going violent with their powers.


Koblish is one of the most underrated men in comics right now. He isn’t only good at his style but he can draw beautifully in whatever style is needed. So please take with a grain of salt when I say I found the art here not that interesting. As it is taking from the 80’s cartoon it is meant to be bland. Scott does a wonderful job making the book blend in to the 80’s animated style. Scott does his job perfectly here but none of it is art I’d be making into screen shot for my phone like I have other pieces from him before.


All in All
Would I recommend you buy this book ? Not unless you where a massive Spider-man and his amazing friends fan and feel this book needed for your collection. While I did enjoy the story, it is very short. The Annual actually has other stories in it. (including ‘Nu Flesh’ which was one of the worst Deadpool stories I have read in a long time. Deadpool is not a Mutant! Writers and editors should know this ) and it bumps the price up to $4.99. The main story is fun and great for new comers who enjoyed 80’s cartoons and loved the Deadpool movie. But since most of you reading this are probably more seasoned comic fans I’d recommend waiting for Marvel Unlimited or $1 sale on this to check it out.


Rating C+

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  1. Eddie Edmends - Post author

    Cheers Brad, Even as a massive Deadpool fan Nu Flesh was one of the worst stories i have read in a long time. would have preferred more of main or just make this a $2 book and leave it out. At $2 promo you probably would move more copies as a promo. I guess they just like Money.

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