Secret Renew Your Vows Variant Revealed

It has just been revealed that the 1:1000 variant cover for the new ongoing Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows will be a version of John Romita, Sr.’s cover for Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 (Wikipedia), depicting the wedding of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, recoloured by Richard Isanove.

Unfortunately you read right, in order for retailers to qualify for this cover, they would have to fill out an order of 1000+ copies of the issue, which I can only assume would be difficult to fill.


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  1. Enigma_2099

    Marvel: Yeah, we took it away from you, but we're not above exploiting you for more profit... because we care. And in the end, we can brag about all the copies ordered, because we stacked the odds to get the variant cover in our favor. I'm sure SOME of you still want the marriage back so badly, you'll buy ANYTHING that reminds you of it. Why else do you think we're shoveling this "What if" miniseries out? ... Superman: Lois and Clark? Never heard of it. Anyway, it's a What If? Does it take place in regular continuity? Is it the main book? Is it written by Dan Slott? No, then it doesn't matter... and it's a What If.

  2. herbiepopnecker

    You'd have to have a huge business going on to be able to buy that many copies with not second thought. Any huge businesses selling comics anyone knows of? (Wal-Mart ain't gonna fall for this)

  3. Will

    It is all part of Marvel's plan. They are doing this because they know some retailers will do this in hopes that at least some of the issues will sell, inflating the sales on the first issue, then when the numbers drop off sharply for issue number two: "See folks no one wants a married Spidey....muhahahahahahaha...oh wait why is this mic still on..."

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