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New York Comic-Con returns this weekend with a flurry of panels consisting of (check below) of which I will be monitoring sites like Comic Book Resources and Newsarama for all Spider related information and posting them here at the end of each day.
I should mention the majority will be taken directly from the transcripts, for which I give thanks to CBR, Newsarama and Bleeding Cool

Creators Studio with Joe Quesada
Marvel NOW!: Divided We Stand
MEET MARVEL – Retailer Panel*

Marvel: Spider-Man- The Clone Conspiracy
Marvel Animation Presents

MARVEL: True Believers Panel
Women of Marvel

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MARVEL: True Believers Panel

(For full transcript: Comic Book Resources, Bleeding Cool, Bleeding Cool Q&A)

Panelists include moderator and Executive Editor of Digital Ryan Penagos, Dan Slott, Peter David, Robbie Thompson and Nick Spencer.


Clone Conspiracy

  • Slott Discusses discussion “Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy” #1. teasing that “Using Miles Warren’s Jackal technology we’re bringing people back…and when they come back they bring with them the feels — all the feels!”
  • Pages were then shown from the second issue, in addition to pages with a classic Doctor Octopus from “The Amazing Spider-Man” #20.
  • After a cover with Carrion from “Amazing Spider-Man” #21, he explained that Carrion is a resurrected character gone wrong.
  • In another page shown from “Amazing Spider-Man” #21, it revealed that Kaine will be one of the classic Spider-Man characters making a comeback for “The Clone Conspiracy.”

New “Spider-Man” Cartoon

  • Set for release in 2017.
  • It will focus on a young…coming-ish age Peter Parker….since they’ve used everything up they have no choice but to base a lot of this after my [work],” Slott Joked.
  • A clip was shown from the series, which was screened at yesterday’s Marvel Animation panel.
  • A title card, indicating that the show will be simply called “Marvel’s Spider-Man” was the first thing to come on screen.
  • It then cut to a scene where a young Peter Parker — dressed in an early version of the Spider-suit, much like the one Tobey Maguire wears at the beginning of the first “Spider-Man” film — takes on some thugs that are attacking police officers with guns that shoot lasers.
  • Unfortunately, Peter has some issues adapting to superhero life, and accidentally lands on the roof of a nearby building accompanied by a nasty old lady and her pigeons.
  • A flashback was then shown that depicted a sentimental moment with Peter and Uncle Ben.
  • Inspired by his memory of Ben, Peter musters the courage to track down the thugs in a high-speed car chase through the streets of New York.
  • At the end of the video, it’s revealed that the Vulture was behind the villainy, as he corners Spider-Man and attacks him with a sonic screech.
  • Slott revealed that the early Spidey suit in the episode is actually the same costume we got a peek at in “Captain America: Civil War.”

Spider-Man 2099

  • Peter David then teased issue #17, which has Spider-Man start a major fight with “The Fist,” the organization that caused 2099 to be the way it is, and he’ll have his first head-to-head with the group in Chicago. There, he’ll run into Elektra, in addition to Captain America 2099, who will be making her return.
  • “The first time that Marvel released photos of Captain America 2099, reactions were split right down the gender line.” He noted how male fans complained and female fans proclaimed, “I love this character!” The cover for issue #18 was shown with a new villainess that David is creating for the series. He said she’s responsible for turning the characters into zombies in the arc.


  • Thompson teased the cover for issue #14, saying there’s a big game-changer in issue #13, as she ends up going on “a West Coast adventure.”


  • Thompson teased issue #12 stating that the series “comes to a close in a spectacular way” with members of the Sinister Six unleashing an assault on the young Peter Parker.

spidey-12 spidey-12-1


  • Penagos teased that issue #2 will depict how Cyclops joins the team — unveiling some pages from the issue.


  • The first question was a young man who in a seemingly unintentionally dramatic way said “ I have been a Marvel fans for a few years and
  • The panel was asked which Marvel character they think would make a good president?
  • Slott – “ Well, not Peter anyway [meaning Peter Parker]”
  • Peter David “ Me? C’mon man!!”
  • Slott “No – you would make a great President! I think I’m actually going to write you in!”
  • A fan expressed his love of Superior Spider-Man – any chance we could see more?
  • Slott seemed to suggest that the character would be back “Well Otto is back…stuff is gonna happen, keep reading”
  • Is Miles Morales part off the Clone Conspiracy?
  • Slott: “No, Miles is very busty with his own series and Civil War 2”. Prowler, Silk and Amazing Spider-Man are the only ongoing books involved.
  • Slott was asked if Gwen Stacy’s kids from Sins Past would be part of the story
  • “Yeah I’m not dealing with that”
  • “I’m never going to deal with Sins Past or Facade, Facade sucks”.
  • A fan asked if Doc Ock would retain his Superior Spider-Man memories when he returns?
  • Slott answered “read #20. You will be satisfied … or not”
  • Slott was asked about the ending of the Amazing Spider-Men series from a year ago, which showed Peter Parker saying “oh my god” on realising something when he returned to his home dimension. Would this eccer be explained?
  • Slott – “that’s Brian Bendis’ story.”
  • “Didn’t you collaborate on the story” the questioner asked
  • “No, he just beats me up”
  • “No, no, I really love him. He has the other half of my locket”
  • David was asked if the X-men 2099 would reappear in Spider-Man 2099
  • “They will be guest-starring in the new Captain America 2099 book” he joked
  • Finally the panel was asked about the possibility of doing a new crossover with DC?
  • The panel had no news to report on that front, but Peter David expressed enthusiasm for the idea.
  • He said the Marvel Vs DC event in the late 90s was one of the “best creative experiences of his life” as he and (DC editor) Mike Carlin went to (former Marvel Executive Editor) Mark Gruenwald’s apartment to plot the story and “just geeked out”.
  • He said that he hoped “Marvel and DC – or more accurately Warners and Disney” can work things out “because it could be “tremendously entertaining”.

Women of Marvel

(For full transcript: Newsarama, Comic Book Resources, Bleeding Cool)

The panel opened with moderator Judy Stephens bringing panelists Sana Amanat, Margaret Stohl, Stephanie Maslansky, Amy Reeder, Erica Henderson, and Kelsey Damassa to the dais.


  • They spoke about Silk, who has a new costume, which she wears as a disguise. When wearing it, she calls herself “Silkworm”. Costume was shown off.


Creators Studio with Joe Quesada

(For full transcript: Bleeding Cool)

What was said according to Bleeding Cool

  • Quesada struggled to name a single decision “there was so many – everything was a gamble” but he finally said “the Ultimate Universe that was the biggest one”. He said that the comics press was not interested in Ultimate Spider-Man before it came out and expectations were “brutal”. The success of those titles, Quesada says “paved the way not just for the cinematic universe but for the whole of the regular Marvel Universe going forward”.
  • “Doing more personal stuff” was the answer. He also said that when he started working at Marvel his aim was to “leave the characters in as good a shape or even slightly better than when I found them” and referenced “unmarrying Peter Parker – which by the way was the right thing to do!” He says he hoped he has been able to “tell some good stories, spin a few good yarns”.
  • Quesada finished up by describing how he hugged Stan Lee at a recent con appearance and told him that his work “saved my life. I don’t mean I would have committed suicide if I hadn’t read a particular issue of Spider-Man or anything just that I don’t know where my life would be if I hadn’t read those comics.”


Marvel: Spider-Man- The Clone Conspiracy

(For full transcript: Newsarama, Comic Book Resources)

Clones are back in a big way at Marvel Comics, with much-hyped upcoming Spider-Man story “The Clone Conspiracy” — originally promoted as “Dead No More” — starting in just a few days with “The Clone Conspiracy” #1 on Oct. 12, and running both in its own miniseries and issues of “Amazing Spider-Man.” Saturday at New York Comic Con, longtime Spidey writer Dan Slott, “Spider-Woman” writer Dennis Hopeless, “Hawkeye” artist Ramón Pérez, Marvel Senior Editor Nick Lowe and Marvel Associate Editor Devin Lewis discussed “The Clone Conspiracy” in front of a hometown crowd.


Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows


  • Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows brought some loud cheers from the audience.
  • “Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows,” from the team of Gerry Conway and Ryan Stegman. “If you are one of those people who thinks Peter and MJ should still be together, this is an incredible book for you,” Lowe said, adding that Mary Jane and Annie Parker will get new costumes in the series.
  • Renew Your Vows features Peter, Mary Jane, and their daughter as superheroes.
  • He compared it to The Incredibles and Fantastic Four.


(Issues 2 & 3 Covers – Twitter)



  • Telling a joke: “Harry Osborn says to Peter Parker, ‘How’s your relationship with Gwen Stacy?’ And Peter says, ‘Abridged!’ Does that hurt? Welcome to the Clone Conspiracy!”
  • He briefly mentioned that he developed the idea for Spider-Verse while working on the Spider-Man: Dimensions video game.
  • He says Dead No More The Clone Conspiracy #1 must be read before ASM #20.
  • A cover for January’s “The Clone Conspiracy” #4 featuring what appeared to be Lizard shielding his family from an attacking Spider-Man – with Slott saying, “That can’t be right! Spider-Man is a hero!”
  • Dan Slott is jokingly offering Lowe $20 not to show anyone else Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy #1. “I spurn money!” said Lowe.


  • He talked about Kaine, reminding fans of the end of Spider-Verse, where Kaine’s fist burst out of The Other. Kaine’s fate is revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #21.
  • Slott said in “The Clone Conspiracy,” it’s less like cloning and more like reincarnation. Lowe said the Spidey story it reminds him of is “Kraven’s Last Hunt.”
  • He teased that Otto Octavius’s story would take some “weird turns” in The Clone Conspiracy. “If you’re a fan of the character, and who he is inside, you’re gonna love this stuff.”
  • A fan said Spider-Man has a “pretty bad track record with Clone events,” asking what’s different this time. “Meeee!” Exclaimed Slott. “That’s a horrible answer.”
  • Slott talked about bringing in lesser used characters who are also cult favorites. Slott said a big difference in the new clones are that they remember their whole lives, not just snippets. “This story will hurt you.”
  • Slott joked that he isn’t using Ben Reilly because “he’s a puddle of goo. I can’t work with goo!”
  • A fan asked if Uncle Ben could return. “That would be crazy!” joked Slott. “People would kill me!”
  • A fan asked if Spidercide could be “that guy,” in one of Slott’s stories. “Whyyyy?” hissed Slott.
  • Slott said Otto Octavius’s role in The Clone Conspiracy is “crucial.”
  • A fan asked if there were any particular issues he should read before The Clone Conspiracy. “Start with Amazing Spider-Man #1…And just kinda keep going,” joked Lowe. “We do a good job of making each issue a good jumping on point,” said Slott. 
  • Slott said the way Spider-Man would finally end one day would be “The way Stan Lee always wanted it to end. With a ‘To be continued…'”


  • Asks if anyone in the audience knew any clones – pointing out that anyone could be a clone.
  • He handed a copy of the next issue of Spider-Woman to a woman in a Jessica Drew costume. He also brought up a fan dressed as the original Scarlet Spider to read The Clone Conspiracy. 
  • He said Slott has been pitching Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy since his second day as Spider-Man editor.
  • He showed some preview pages, including a panel of Gwen Stacy, to which a fan exclaimed, “You brought back Gwen Stacy?!?”
  • There’s also a back-up,” Lowe said. As previously announced, the back-up is illustrated by classic Spider-Man artist Ron Frenz. “We’re going back in time and showing you something you’ve never seen before that is canon,” Slott added. “It all works, and you’ll see it Wednesday.”
  • A fan who said he is a clone was given a copy of ASM #20. Lowe made him swear not to give any spoilers.


  • Miles Morales is not in the Clone Conspiracy, because he’s so involved in Civil War II and Champions. 
  • Slott said in “The Clone Conspiracy,” it’s less like cloning and more like reincarnation. Lowe said the Spidey story it reminds him of is “Kraven’s Last Hunt.”
  • Lowe said Scarlet Spider would appear in The Clone Conspiracy, but they wouldn’t have too many Spider-Men to avoid similarity to Spider-Verse.



  • He talked about Spider-Man/Deadpool, calling it “intense and hilarious,” and mentioning the new character Itsy Bitsy.
  • The upcoming Spider-Man/Deadpool #10 is “really intense.”
  • Spider-Man/Deadpool #11 will be written by Penn Jillete, as previously announced. In the story, Teller and Deadpool switch places.
  • Spider-Man/Deadpool #12 is co-written by Paul Scheer of The League and How Did This Get Made. It’s a Christmas special.



  • Lewis said fans will have to read the upcoming Venom title to find out who is bonded with the symbiote, and what their status quo will be. He mentioned the “Symbiote Strike Force,” which features characters who have been bonded with Venom, including John Jameson, Mac Gargan, and Eddie Brock.
  • “I can guarantee you that Eddie Brock is in this book and will play a pretty big part in it.”



  • He’s been trying to get Hobgoblin in Spider-Woman for a long time. He’ll appear in an arc drawn by Veronica Fish which “puts Porcupine through the ringer.”


  • Jessica Drew is part of upcoming plans for Captain Marvel.



  • He talked about Silk, in which J. Jonah Jameson takes Silk to San Francisco to report on New U.
  • Cindy Moon can’t act as Silk while in San Francisco so her secret does not get exposed, leading to Silk getting a new costume.
  • She calls herself “Silkworm.” “Who’se gonna make that connection? No one!” joked Lowe.
  •  Mattie Franklin — more likely a clone — will also appear in the “Silk” tie-in.



  • He also talked about Prowler, which features a clone of Hobbie Brown in the title role, whose “true allegiance” between Spider-Man and the Jackal will be in question.



  • Perez talked about Nova, which he is drawing and co-writing with Jeff Loveness, and which features a resurrected Richard Rider teaming up with Sam Alexander. Perez said one of his biggest influences on the book was Nextwave.
  • Lewis said he brought Perez and Loveness together because he wanted “something special.”
  • “We went through some pretty painstaking conversations in the office to make sure bringing back Rich Rider felt right.”
  • Fans applauded loudly for Richard Rider’s return.


  • Check out some new Nova art from Ramon Perez right here.
  • Perez talked about bringing Richard Rider back, saying they were going to touch on the ramifications of resurrection in a “non-Christlike fashion.”
  • Ramon said Nova would be very cosmic, joking “I like space. I don’t like Arizona.”


  • Hopeless said the first comic he really connected with was DeMatteis, Giffen, and Maguire’s Justice League International.
  • Perez said he loved Hawkeye on West Coast Avengers and Solo Avengers.
  • Slott said his favorite comic as a kid was Amazing Spider-Man #8 where Peter Parker and Flash Thompson have a boxing match.
  • Lewis said he loved Straczynski and Romita’s Spider-Man.
  • Slott directed a fan to a Marvel Animation panel later today for questions about the Spectacular Spider-Man series from a few years ago.
  • A fan asked how the writers weigh the “power and responsibility” of being able to kill and resurrect characters. “I just flip a coin,” joked Slott.
  • Slott said he killed the character Montana in the “Big Time” arc of Spider-Man by tricking then editor Steve Wacker by saying he would be brought back as a robot cowboy. “I had no intention of doing that,” quipped Slott.
  • Hopeless said death is a major part of life, and a powerful dramatic device. He said writers have to balance death and resurrection because writers want to convey that human drama, but also want to continue using the characters.
  • A fan asked how Spider-Man got from Queens to Manhattan, with the creators saying he climbed on buses and cars, and swing on the underside of the bridge.
  • A fan asked about whether the 616 Miles Morales still exists after Secret Wars. “That question will be answered,” said Lowe.
  • Lowe said the team is more concerned with telling the best Spider-Man story they can, without worrying about how it fits the theme of Marvel NOW!.
  • A fan thanked Slott for his dedication to fans, relating a story about when Slott stayed late at a signing despite having lost a filling to sign all his books.
  • Perez said the time spent at home and spent in space would be well balanced.
  • Will Alpha return? “Oh god, I hated Alpha,” Slott said. “But I think that was the point of Alpha. You were supposed to hate him.” Slott said he came up in a recent creative summit. “There’s a good chance you’ll see him in upcoming Marvel Comics,” Lowe added.
  • A fan asked if Slott wanted to see his movies adapted to movies. “I just want to do comics,” said Slott. “That’s all I ever wanted to do.”
  • Slott said no one has ever twisted his arm to make his comics more like movies, but they often coincide because of his own decisions.
  • Another fan question asked why the 1990s cartoon Spider-Man wasn’t in “Spider-Verse.” Lowe said they decided the “Spider-Man Unlimited” Spider-Man was the same character.
  • A fan asked Slott how he thinks Spider-Man would theoretically end one day. “The way Spider-Man will end one day is the way Stan Lee would want it to end — with a ‘to be continued.’”


(For full transcript: Newsarama, Comic Book Resources)

On the panel along with Quesada: Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, Director of Content and Character Development Sana Amanat, “Mosaic” artist Khary Randolph, “Amazing Spider-Man” writer Dan Slott, “Power Man and Iron Fist” writer David F. Walker, “Inhumans vs. X-Men” and “Daredevil” writer Charles Soule and “Captain America: Steve Rogers” and “Captain America: Sam Wilson” writer Nick Spencer.


  • “There’s no one who destroys childhoods better than Dan Slott!” Joked Quesada, passing the floor to Slott, who said “In Dead No More we’re taking all those characters whose deaths made you cry, and we’re bringing them back and emotionally abusing them.” Slott promised characters “you’ve wanted to see for a long time coming back.”
  • Black Cat, Tombstone, and others will collide in Power Man & Iron Fist’s new arc called Harlem Burns, starting with Issue #10
  • Amazing Spider-Man #20 will feature the return of Doctor Octopus.


  • Quesada said his favorite Spider-Man stories were the anti-drug stories, saying he got them from his dad.
  • Soule said his first introduction to Spider-Man was one of the Spider-Man/Superman crossovers. Spencer said his was Kraven’s Last Hunt.
  • A fan asked about “the process” of killing a character, citing the recently killed-off War Machine as one of his favorites. “There’s no defined process, it’s always about story,” Quesada said. “We talk a lot about this, because we try to do it as careful as we can. If it doesn’t derive from story, we just jettison it.”
  • An audience member asked how real-life science influences Marvel stories. Walker said he enjoys the research as part of his development as a writer. “I just fake it,” Slott added. “I know Marvel science more than real science.”
  • A fan who said he’d been out of comics for years credited the Spencer-written “Superior Foes of Spider-Man” for bringing him back to the medium. Alonso said that’s exactly the goal for a series like that. “A lot of times you’ll see announcements and wonder, ‘Why do we do a book like this?’ We know it’s material like that which will reach a reader that other comics might not.”
  • Spencer said his favorite Marvel series to write was Superior Foes, which was based on ideas he’d had since he was a kid, saying he first pitched it 15 years ago
  • Alonso said they strive for books with different flavors that will connect with readers.
  • “Why you gotta kill everybody?” quipped the fan, prompting Alonso to say that should be Marvel’s creators.
  • A fan asked about Miles’s vision that he would kill Steve Rogers, with everyone saying “You gotta read!” Spencer said the next issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers would deal with Steve’s reaction to the vision.
  • A fan asked the panel how Marvel decides “What political themes and themes that impact minorities are inserted into comic books,” and how they make it universal. “We feel our stories are strongest when they are universal,” Alonso said. “When we launched Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel, a lot of things were said about that book, a lot of assumptions were made. Kamala Khan’s a popular character because her story resonates with all people, the same way Peter Parker’s did.”

Marvel Animation Presents

(For full transcript: Newsarama)

Marvel is kicking off its Animation Panel at NYCC, featuring VP of Marvel Animation Stephen Wacker and Senior Vice President of Animation and Family Entertainment Cort Lane.


  • First up is Marvel’s new series of animated shorts with Funko, featuring Funko-ized superheroes. The preview video has a Funko Loki mind-controlling Spider-Man to fight Iron Man. Iron Man disarms Loki’s staff, and Spidey uses the staff to make the demigod believe he’s a chicken. Spidey cracks up, but Iron Man does not approve, and takes the staff back.
  • Coinciding with this panel, news came out that Ultimate Spider-Man is ending in January, to be replaced by a new Spider-Man series. For more info, read this article.
  • Next up is Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister 6. The fourth season will end with a two-parter called “Graduation Day.”
  • Wacker showed a clip featuring Spidey defending Norman Osborn against Otto Octavius and the Sinister Six.
  • After Ultimate Spider-Man, there will be a brand-new Marvel series, following Peter Parker just when he starts off as Spider-Man. “I don’t think they’ve earned it at all,” Wacker said. “I feed on your boos.”
  • Kevin Shinick (Robot Chicken) is the series’ story lead, Supervising Director Philip Pignotti (Marvel’s Avengers Assemble) and Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott has served as a consultant for the series.
  • A clip was shown showing Peter Parker literally two weeks after being bitten by the spider, so he’s not even with his traditional costume yet – he stops a vibranium robbery before fighting the Vulture. He goes to Horizon High School, led by Max Modell, who is voiced by Tatasciore.
  • Wacker confirmed that Ultimate Spider-Man will end with this season. Before that ends, however, Lane said that Mary Jane will be “very involved” in an upcoming Carnage storyline.
  • Will Miles Morales have his own animated series? “No series, but there’s going to be a lot of Miles Morales,” Wacker said. “Having him in Ultimate has been huge… Miles is not going anywhere. Don’t worry about that.”
  • A fan asked why the various seasons of Ultimate Spider-Man had different titles – Wacker said that focus groups showed that kids liked to know the theme up-front, while Lane said that ratings went up because they were able to promote the show.



Creators Studio with Joe Quesada

(For full transcript: Newsarama)

Nothing spider related was discussed, just about him joining Marvel, his work at Marvel and some info on his future.

Marvel NOW!: Divided We Stand

(For full transcript: Newsarama, Comic Book Resources)

Only Spider related info was what we already knew

  • There will be a new iteration of Avengers by Mark Waid and Mike Del Mundo, featuring Spider-Man, Hercules and the new Wasp joining Sam Wilson, Jane Foster and the Vision. Brevoort said this will be a “test” for this team, and there will be some other surprising characters joining the book in Issue #1.

and a question about Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel & Cloak and Dagger 

  • Will Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman make up? Brevoort: “Maybe? Issues of Spider-Woman would be the place to look.
  • Zub asked Brevoort if they could have a new Cloak and Dagger series. Brevoort said they were talking about those characters earlier this week.

MEET MARVEL – Retailer Panel*

(For full transcript: Newsarama)

Nick Lowe provided the following on The Clone Conspiracy and the return of the Jackal

  • That it builds on the earliest issues of Dan Slott’s run. Slott pitched the idea to Lowe almost three years ago.
  • He compared it to Kraven’s Last Hunt, saying “I can’t believe this is a Spider-Man story with how dark it is.”
  • He passed a copy of The Clone Conspiracy #1 and the next issue of Amazing Spider-Man to a retailer to read.
  • He showed new pages from Dead No More The Clone Conspiracy #2
  • He said that #2 and #3 would contain massive twists that he predicts will lead to sell outs


Next Mark Waid

  • via video thanked retailers for ordering so many copies of Champions, calling it Marvel’s “new flagship title.”

and Brevoort went on to talk about the new Avengers book

  • That Mark Waid and Mike Del Mundo will relaunch Avengers in November, as a counterpart to Champions.
  • and it is a “more classically oriented Avengers,” which Spider-Man is funding through Parker Enterprises.
  • and it’s a “Rock’em Sock’em Superhero Action” at the center of the Marvel Universe.
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    - Okay for starters it goes without saying that no dissolving the marriage was not the right thing to do Quesada - No Quesada the Ultimate universe did not pave the way for the MCU. The MCu took a few cues from the Ultimate universe then proceeded to do an updated rendition of the 616 universe. Nothing in Iron Man 2008 is from Ultimate Marvel sans Nick Fury looking like Sam Jackson - Joe Q accepting credit for the Ultimate universe makes sense considering he accepted the credit for Marvel Knights and neither was actually thanks to him. MK was him an Palmiotti mostly Palmiotti and the Ultimate began thanks to Jemas not him - If Joe Q’s aim was to leave things better off then when he found them then he royally failed - Should Spider-Man really be much like the Fantastic Four or the Incredibles - Yeah no. the Clone Conspiracy from everything from it’s name to how the fuck the science works is nothing like reincarnation. It’s just cloning. And I don’t even get how the comparison can be drawn between it and Kraven’s Last Hunt that just doesn’t make sense. - Didn’t MOST of the clones remember their whole lives and not just snippets? Gwen’s clone remembered basically everything except like the absolute moments up until her death. She kept saying in the Conway run that she didn’t remember the things from the previous 2 years. So she remembered EVERYTHING except her death. Big whoop. Ben Reilly similarly remembered everything up until the point where he woke up after the explosion in Shea stadium - Spider-Man shouldn’t end with a to be continued - No not every issue is in fact a good jumping on point - If Spider-Man for decades has shown up in the same places that Peter Parker has visited why is Silk needing to adopt a new costume? - So Slott admits that he wasted Spider-Man’s 50th anniversary on a character everyone hated - You can’t just decide one version of the character is the same as another. They contradict one another so they cannot be the same version - So Slott also admits that his method of writing isn’t to make people smile but to torture them by abusing characters and stories they love. Clever - Joe Q: “We don’t kill people off just for shock value that tots never happens!” - So Spider-Man owning a company and wearing armour isn’t enough to make him like Iron man now he also has to fund the Avengers

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    Nobody gives really truthful answers at this cons. Slott always hated the Alpha character? Sure he did. And you see what a fanatic Quesada still is regarding the Spider-marriage. It also appears that they all think Slott's cynical, deliberately-upsetting approach to stories is just so hilarious.

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