Exclusive Renew Your Vows Variants By Tyler Kirkham

KRS Comics an online comic book store has commissioned an artist by the name of Tyler Kirkham to create THREE exclusive covers for the 1st issue of Renew Your Vows, out November 9th 2016, one of which was a secret cover, only shown recently.

If you’d like to purchase any/all of them, click on the link to head over there.

And let me just say, these are GORGEOUS

spiderman_renew_your_vows_clr_copy_3 spiderman_renew_your_vows_mj_clr_2 spiderman_renew_your_vows_lineart





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  1. WolfCypher

    I only recently learned of Tyler Kirkham when I saw his awesome Champions 1 variant, I love what little I've seen and want to see more. Also, replace the Vulture on that cover with Sandman and it's PERFECT.

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