Podcast #439-Spider-News with Movie Pics, Drake Bell in Jail, Nightwatch in Movie, Painful Spider Bite

podcast439picWe tackle a lot of Spider-News in this show. The topics include:
*Discussion of set pictures from the new Spider-Man: Homecoming movie.
*Nightwatch is rumored to be in the new movie.
*Drake Bell, the voice actor of the Ultimate Spider-Man, has been sent to jail.
*Actor Bill Nunn who played Robbie Robertson in the Raimi movies, has passed away.
*A Stan Lee biography movie will be set in the 1970’s.
*Retailers pay big money for a variant of the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 cover.
*Steve Ditko Newwwwws.
*A man gets bit on the penis by a spider twice in five months. This topic is hilarious.


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