September 2016 Sales Figures

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From what we can see, Marvel is slowing gaining ground as Rebirth is levelling out, but they still have some way to go, so for now they have to be content with only 2 titles being in the top 20, 2nd being Star Wars #23. As for Amazing Spider-Man #18, as you can see, while it wasn’t by much it has decreased in sales, but due to the Rebirth euphoria effect dissipating, it’s gone up in ranks.

Now all we need to see is whether or Amazing Spider-Man  continues to go up the ranks and how it will against Renew Your Vows, which but all indications has been greatly received, as evidenced by Bleeding Cools Advance Reorders Chart


Qty RankTitle#Est SalesPrev IssuePrev Issue


1Batman (2016)6138,8535142,142-3,289
2All Star Batman (2016)2137,7481289,348-151,600
3Batman (2016)7135,5856138,853-3,268
4Civil War II (2016)5120,2084126,865-6,657
5Justice League (2016)494,5473110,737-16,190
6Walking Dead (2003)15894,315157104,595-10,280
7Trinity (2016)193,797***
8Supergirl (2016)190,246***
9Suicide Squad (2016)289,5751217,672-128,097
10Justice League (2016)589,341494,547-5,206
24Amazing Spider-Man (2015)1871,1581774,869-3,711
28Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016)965,502869,519-4,017
45Deadpool (2015) Annual151,609***
54Invincible Iron Man (2015) (Mary Jane)1348,3931250,570-2,177
61All New All Different Avengers (2015)1445,5091346,257-748
63Spider-Man (2016)844,744747,678-2,934
65Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man (2016)441,899344,471-2,572
79Spider-Gwen (2015b)1234,0031136,211-2,208
94Gwenpool (2015)625,889530,231-4,342
103Civil War Ii: Kingpin (2016)322,396228,720-6,324
108Spider-Man 2099 (2015)1521,3611421,908-547
112Silk (2015b)1220,8041121,833-1,029
116Carnage (2015)1219,7861120,708-922
124Spider-Woman (2015)1117,7431019,251-1,508
127Spidey (2015)1017,399918,348-949
128Web Warriors (2015)1116,8081014,065+2,743
133Venom: Space Knight (2015)1216,1931117,548-1,355
168Patsy Walker Aka Hellcat (2015) (Black Cat)1011,163910,486+677
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  1. ItsMichaelReid

    Man Civil War should not be that high especially how crap it is. I hope when Renew comes out it wipes the floor with Amazing and shows Marvel that the sales of the last Renew was no fluke.

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