Andrew Garfield Talks Leaving Spider-Man Behind

andrew-tightAndrew Garfield recently did an interview with Variety magazine. He was promoting the movie “Hacksaw Ridge.” During the course of the interview it drifted into  Spider-Man talk. It’s an interesting interview that starts at the 32:54 mark. He talks about it being a break up. He also talks about how he wants to do smaller movies in the future. He also wants the story to be first and nothing else, which he implies took a backseat on the Spidey films.

“Having been in that environment for five years, which is a very specific environment, I was craving smaller,” he says. “I was craving tighter. I was craving a bit more pressure, in a weird way … There was a longing to simplify, I think, and to strip away excesses. I wanted to be able to fully focus on the simple job of being the storyteller as the actor. And that’s kind of where I want to be anyway, I think. Forever.”

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