Podcast # 440-Friendly Venom, Oldest Spidey in Collection, No Clone Saga, Casting Stegron

podcast440picWe answer your message board questions on this episode. Some highlights include:
*What is our oldest Spider-Man comic in our collection?
*Would Spidey keep the symbiote if it had been honest with him?
*Where would Mary Jane and Peter be if there wasn’t a 1990’s Clone Saga?
*Who should play Stegron if he were in a movie?
*Discussion of a 1970’s TV Hulk and Spider-Man TV movie.


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(2) Comments

  1. hornacek

    The link to the message board thread for this episode takes you to the message board page for the previous episode (episode #439).

  2. Matt Byrd

    Hey Brad, the answers to your Incredible Hulk questions that your looking for are "The First part 2 of 2", Which I always thought that the part of Dell Frye's character was portrayed by Norman Fell who played Stanley Roper on "Three's company" when I was a kid. Yet after watching classic Twilight Zone episodes and a Emergency! episode from season two of that series the actor who played Frye was Harry Townes. As to the second Hulk episode of which your speaking of isn't "Metamorphosis" of where Banner is caught in between mid transformation it was the season four opener known as "Prometheus" two parter episode. Although "Metamorphosis" was the time a wireless microphone was seen on television when Banner was pointing it at Mankiewicz Phillips from "ONE DAY AT A TIME" television series which aired on the CBS networks. One bit of Incredible Hulk's television series history is that his mother's main name was Elizabeth Banner in the third season episode "HOME COMING" and in the comic his love life had Elizabeth Ross as his wife.

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