Podcast #441-Spider-History October 2000

podcast441picJR takes us back 16 years to a major event in Spider-History. It was the launch of Ultimate Spider-Man #1. Along with that issue JR looks at what else came out in October 2000.
*Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 2) #22
*Peter Parker:Spider-Man #22
*Spider-Man :Death & Destiny #3
*Spider-Man: Revenge of the Goblin #1


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(4) Comments

  1. powerpackers90

    I like how you guys take The Ultimate line was a personal shot. But I like JR said MARVEL WAS WAS OUT OF BUSINESS! Ultimate like it or not saved it. Cause thanks to Ultimate Jimnis got studios to get the movies made. What the old school was doing wasnt working. and also Nothing in the Ultimate books said only for ages mid 20s and down. So they weren't forcing you out. I mean seriously this was a re-imagining what the big deal that MJ is one smart, Ben's a hippy, and Harry is popular. This book got me and a lot of people of my generation of interested in Spider-man.

  2. ryan3178

    Oh yes. The issue that was to "modernize" Spider-Man and make him awesome for a new generation of readers.

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