Civil War 2 Kingpin 4#

This is it the final issue. Kingpin is in Shield’s hands, his empire is being run by someone else… but kingpin isn’t at his worst when he is down, he is at his most dangerous
Kingpin 4# 

Writer : Matthew Rosenberg

Artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz

Color artist: Mat Lopes

Editor: Mark Basso 

Kingpin is being held prisoner by SHIELD. The rest of the world thinks he is dead. Janus takes over as Kingpin of new york. Wilson through clever scheming and manipulation in prison is soon released. He returns to take control once again of his empire. Concerned Janus is no longer loyal after his taste of being the boss, Wilson calls out Janus and marks him for death. Janus pleads for his life and tells the kingpin without him and his powers the heroes will be able to find Wilson. Wilson kills Janus by dropping him from the high-rise building while coldly stating “Let them come”
So I have enjoyed this series from the start and despite a rough patch last issue. This is hands down the best Civil War 2 tie in mini I have read. I talked in my other reviews about the gangster film troupes in this series and while they are here in areas such as “cleaning house” this is also where we see what makes this character special. He isn’t just any gangster. He is one that has survived in the marvel universe and always finds his way to the top.
I love characters like Sherlock and the Doctor where writers are forced to get them to think their ways out of situations rather than fight. In Shield custardy Wilson does exactly that by faking sickness to access a phone and hiding his track in doing so. Giving false information in interrogation that plays to his favour. Angering his captor in order for him to lash out at the right moment.
Janus returns in this issue and in the wake of kingpins death takes the top spot he was groomed for. The key to this issue comes down to Wilson versus Janus. Another mob movie troupe is the once friends turning on each other. The way I read this story is that Wilson had no problem with Janus taking over as kingpin once he had actually died. Since he was not dead this brought the issue of Janus now being a threat having tasted the power. I almost get an old yellow vibe here where Kingpin doesn’t want to kill Janus but it’s the way things have to go.

This is easily my favourite issue of the series. The issue only works however if you have read all four parts. Turk returning from last issue, Kingpin’s most loyal. The Shield agent from issue 2 that was turned is finally used here. The Janus scene has little impact without the history of this story from previous issues. It is all worth it for that End panel of Wilson proclaiming, “Let them come” and knowing we are getting a Kingpin ongoing next year.
I do worry a little about continuity. This obviously takes place before Dead No More/ Clone Conspiracy where Kingpin is playing a part. He is also thought to be dead here but not over there. Now there is a threat given of Suing SHEILD in this book and you can’t be dead and sue someone so maybe he is back in the world publically but it is up in the air where he is at the end of this book compared to the start of his ongoing. But such a Small gripes on such a wonderful book.

Art is so hard to review on a book so constantly good by the same artist. Anything I have to say here would just be repeating myself from previous issue reviews. I will say it is great that the quality has constantly remained on the book however. Something rare and rarer in comics.

All in All
Do I recommend this book to you? No I don’t… I recommend that if you haven’t read this series you buy the trade of the whole story and preorder the first issue from your retailer of the ongoing. This book might be about a criminal… but the real crime is how underrated it is.


Rating A

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  1. hornacek

    "I almost get an old yellow vibe ..."Did you mean Old Yeller? Otherwise, I don't know what an "old yellow" vibe is.

  2. Shaun Martineau

    This was a stellar mini, even if the middle is a little forgettable. Can't wait for the ongoing.

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