The Genleman Michael Massee Dies

amazing-spider-man-dr-curt-connors-and-mysterious-figure-570x252Actor Michael Massee who played the Gentleman in the Amazing Spider-Man films amazing-spider-man-2-vulture-doctor-octopushas died. Massee was 61 years old and no details of his death have been released.
Massee played in the shadows of the Amazing films. He first talked to Curt Connors in his jail cell at the end of the first movie. In the second movie he made a visit to Harry Osborn after his fight with Spidey. He then walked through a laboratory filled with what looked like the making of a Sinister Six. I was also surprised to learn that he accidentally shot and killed actor Brandon Lee on the set of the 1994 Crow movie.
The character of the Gentleman isn’t well known to even the best Spider-Man fans. With the exception of the films he has only appeared in a trilogy of prose novels by author Adam Troy-Castro.  gentlemn1If you’d like to learn a bit of history of the character here’s a biography. Bottom line, he has a connection to Mary and Richard Parker during their spy years. He then went after Peter for revenge. The novels are outstanding. It’d be interesting to see what resolution they had for this character if the Amazing movies had played out.

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  1. hornacek

    I feel sad that when you Google him, the first thing that comes up is "Actor that killed The Crow's Brandon Lee". By all accounts this was a horrible accident and was no fault of Massee.Loved him on 24, he definitely has a presence and was one of the few parts of the ASM movies that had me looking forward to ASM3

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