David Letterman Turned Down Cameo In Amazing Spider-Man Movie

lettermanLegendary late night talk show host David Letterman wasn’t up for making a cameo with Peter Parker. Letterman recently did an interview with Deadline. He talks about how he’s often approached about making a cameo in movies. One of the most recent offers was to appear in the Amazing Spider-Man films. Here’s his quote.

I get offers for cameo work, like somebody was doing Spider-Man and they said would you like to be a street vendor in Spider-Man? I don’t think there is a device that’s invented that is capable of measuring the amount of time it took for me to hang up the phone.”

Would you have liked to see Letterman in the movies? Letterman does have a past with Spider-Man. I love this clip of “How many Spider-Men can you pack in a Jamba Juice.”

There also was a couple of fun appearances when the Spider-Man musical folks dropped by.

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  1. Cheesedique

    Letterman had his time, then from there it was a long slow decline.I think it's just as well he didn't have a cameo, it would have dated the movie.Not that ASM will be looked on as some timeless classic.

  2. George Berryman

    Yeah his Cabin Boy cameo wasn't all that great, was it Craig?Letterman stopped being funny a very, very long time ago. And that's from someone who stayed up to watch him back in middle school & high school when he was on at midnight on NBC. I tuned off in the 2000s; he was increasingly becoming a mean-spirited jackass.

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