Happy 89th Birthday Steve Ditko


steve-ditko2bigSpider-Man’s co-creator is turning 89 years old today. If it wasn’t for Ditko’s designs matched with Stan Lee’s amazing words this website would not be here. It’s amazing to think how much joy Spider-Man has brought me over the years and so much of that joy is from Ditko. I know he will never read this, but thank you kind sir for helping co-create one of the greatest characters in fiction. Happy birthday and here’s to many more.


steve-ditko-amazing-spider-man-161Here is a cool video Comics Alliance did about Ditko.

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  1. hornacek

    Brad, awhile back you talked on the podcast about someone that sent a hand-written letter to Steve Ditko and got a hand-written reply, and that you were going to do this yourself. Did that ever happen, and if so, did you get a reply?

  2. Matt Byrd

    I hope that you Mister Ditko have had a splendid day of penicling so grand ideas that brings joyful excitement on your day of creation ! Happy Birthday sir.

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