Cobwebs #30: The Many Deaths of Gwen Stacy

asm121-coverPoor Gwen Stacy – either Peter is guilty and reliving her fatal fall, hallucinating about her falling, or some weirdo is cloning /reanimating her.  Well now, for the first time, because you demanded it – we have the entire story of the death of Gwen Stacy, told in stereophonic full color!


Over the years, writers and artist just can’t seem to leave her alone.  Slott has visited this area twice already and the most recent visit in Clone Conspiracy #1 has caused a bit of a controversy.  Did he violate the story as told by Conway or did he add material to the story without changing the original?  And what about all the other writers who have retold the story in one way or another?


Interloper is a nice vocabulary word!

Gwen’s death is covered with art in:

ASM #121

ASM #177

ASM #275

ASM #365

ASM #500

ASM #655

Captain America/Iron Man Casualties of War #1

Clone Conspiracies #1

Marvels #4

Peter Parker: Spider-Man #26

Peter Parker: Spider-Man #50

Webspinners #12

What-If? #24

So, I’m not going to add any more commentary here.  This is going to be a true Cobwebs – this is where the spider’s been.  You check it out and decide for yourself.  What I did was create a Padlet and then put the panels together to create the entire story.  Where there were dupes (that’s what we call them now, right?) and contradictions, I placed them under the running story.



Click here or the image to see the entire story.


This was made using a free program called Padlet.  It is an interesting way to display things visually and is super user-friendly.

I really need to thank Adam S., timmyb52, and Mistermets for helping me find them all.  Mistermets gave me a lot that I was unaware of and even did some scans for me.  Thanks guys!



All scans are from Marvel Unlimited

Credible Hulk



‘Nuff Said!

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(8) Comments

  1. Brad Douglas

    Great job putting that timeline image together. I think the next aspect that's not been examined is where Spidey takes the body and how it gets in the grave.

  2. Evan

    That's definitely the snap heard around the world. Given the repercussions (and ambiguity regarding the actual source of the snap -- webline or neck?), and considering its cultural significance, I suggest it deserves a 9 for simplicity and high-level impact.

  3. Mark Alford

    Thanks, Evan. Sho what reading do we give the 'snap!'? Low level onomatopoeia, high level impact.

  4. Evan

    This is very impressive and well done, Mark -- and the Hudson River background was a nice touch. It lends a real first-person feeling to the experience.

  5. Mark Alford

    Thanks, Thomas. It would have been woefully incomplete without your help. I owe you one.Al, a link would be great if it is not too hard to find again.I thought about starting up a Padlet of ASM covers and getting people from the Crawlspace to add to it the other titles so that we could see how they fit chronologically, but I don't know how many readers would be up for an exercise of that magnitude. Maybe I could start with the first 25 or so and see what the reaction is.

  6. Al

    There is a similar set of posts on tumblr which seek to tell ASM #289 and Web of Spider-Man #29-30 as a single chronological story. If you recall Web 29-30 take place in between panels of ASM 289. I could link if you want

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