Michael Bublé’s Son Battling Cancer

Michael Bublé has just announced that his three year old son Noah is battling cancer. He and his wife are putting their careers on hold as they fight this horrible disease with their son. You’re probably wondering why I’m putting up this news on a Spider-Man site?  Well, little Noah is not only a fighter but he’s also a Spider-Fan.

Bublé often posts some very cool pictures of his son’s love of Spider-Man. Bublé also did an amazing cover of the 1960’s Spider-Man song from the cartoon. It appeared in the credits of the Spider-Man 2 movie.  Feel free to send your prayers and thoughts to this family to beat this terrible disease.

I also found a clip about how he sings the Spider-Man song to his son for a lullaby. That happens at the 2:34 mark.

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