Podcast #442-Clone Conpiracy #1, ASM (Vol 4) #19 & 20 Reviews

podcast442picUpdate: I’ve re-edited this podcast and eliminated the munching cheetoes on my end. It should be much clearer. Sorry gang!
The Spider-Panel dives right into clones in this episode. The gang tackles the following books.
Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 4) #19 and #20
Clone Conspiracy #1


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  1. DCMarvelFanGuy

    @Borvoc: Yeah! I can see that too. In my opinion Dan Slott NAILS the voice for Doc Ock. Doc Ock has always been my favorite Spider-Man villain and I've seen some writers mishandle the character terribly over the years. Slott hasn't done that yet. There have been some villains that Slott has written for that I haven't been crazy about. Queen, Jackal (sometimes he's good) and Green Goblin (Not the best voice for Norman) mainly. However, I do feel that the Superior Spider-Man story did go into Otto's head for the first time since writers like Tom DeFalco and Zeb Wells fleshed out Otto's motivations and backstory. Dan Slott, Christos Gage and Chris Yost all went into Otto's head. Highlighting his insecurities, fears, doubts and why he feels the need to prove himself "superior" all the time. Not to mention going back to Otto's love life over the years with Aunt May, Angelina Brancale (Stunner) and now Anna Maria Marconi. As a Doc Ock fan I couldn't be happier with how he's been treated recently. Less happy with how Peter has been treated recently. Really wish Peter would mature a little, like JR said, and just tell Aunt May he's Spider-Man after all she's been through.

  2. Borvoc

    @DCMarvelFanGuy I can see it both ways. On the one hand, it's possible that Doc Ock is supposed to be a little cliche and over-the-top (which may be why Mr. Slott's characterization of him is so lauded even by his detractors). Cliches can be fun, and sometimes it's cool to just have that guy with the ego who always yells, "Curse you, Spoder-Man!" On the other hand, just because Doc Ock is a walking mad scientist cliche doesn't mean he can't be given more fleshed-out motivations. Maybe it's a matter of reader preference. Then again, I'm not the most well-read Spider-fan, and I kind of dropped the books shortly after Spider-verse, so take my opinions for whatever they're worth.

  3. ryan3178

    I'm pretty much in agreement that Dan Slott is taking these stories and doing them: "The Dan Slott" Way. He is just taking what he enjoyed of the original stories and putting his own spin on it. However, it makes the clones come off as morons and puts Jameson in a pretty bad place. They spent the last few years killing off everyone he loves and now they are all back and Jonah is doing everything because he has gotten his dead wife, adopted niece and his father is in the process of coming back. Why not have his mom come back and his first wife too why they are at it. How about a "good" cone of John James with nothing of the Star-god persona or powers. I agree with JR, when is the story really going to start and why not just do a Dr. Octopus book since Marvel launched four new series on characters, no one asked for but the writers themselves.

  4. DCMarvelFanGuy

    I have enjoyed these issues of the Clone Conspiracy so far, but I can also see the flaws that George and JR pointed out. The one thing I'll really disagree with is Ashley's criticism on Dan Slott's characterization for Doc Ock. I really enjoy whenever Slott writes for Doc Ock. In fact, that's one of the main reasons that I keep coming back. I don't really care for the Parker Industries status quo, but I am interested to see where Doc Ock's crazy journey would go next. The Superior Spider-Man story was the most exciting part of Dan Slott's Spider-Man run in my opinion. I always feel that Slott takes extra care when writing Ock compared to other villains.

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