Humberto Ramos Not Visiting Red States for Four Years

humberto-ramos-sketchesSpider-Man and current Champions artist Humberto Ramos made a post on his Facebook announcing that he’s not going to visit any state that voted for Donald Trump in the recent Presidential election. Here’s his post.

Please be kind and read….I remember my first trip to the USA as a life changing event, it was 1992 and for the first time I arrived to the land of opportunity, where dreams come true. I felt I got to the place where everything was possible if you work hard for it, so I did and that hard work paid off as a wonderful career filled with success and personal pride for the achievements accomplished but no professional goal could even get close to what it is to me the thing I thank the most about my job, the amazing chance to meet people from a different country, a different culture and background a different language who became my friends, people both colleagues and fans who honored me with their sincere friendship and love, their care and warmth. Every single time I’ve step into the USA I felt at home some of people I get to see at every show I am invited to have slowly but strongly turn into my second family, some of them I even get to see them more frequently than my blood family, I always felt welcome to the USA until last Wednesday, November 9.
I, as well as the rest of the world witnessed with more sadness than horror how that map in the TV screen turned red a color that means stop, danger or beware I couldn’t believe my eyes. I understand politics and also understand that every single person is entitled to a political orientation which I can agree with or not, I have dear close friends whose political orientation is the total opposite to mine, I’ve always respected that and will keep respecting because I strongly believe this is the only way this insane world can heal…. through respect. I understand the needs and the urge for a change in a way that make us hope for a better future to our families, believe me, we in Mexico sadly know that better than no one else. I respect when you choice for a fresh new approach, I respect the right for this country I admire to vote different from what us outside the USA wish. but when the new elected president’s very first campaign speech address me, a Mexican who constantly visit your country I can’t but take his sayings as a personal offense, when he said Mexicans where …. well, all the things he said I thought: nobody will take this guy for real, I thought he will say he crossed the line an apologize, I thought he as a candidate for a respectful party will moderate ….. never happened. He might have a great plan to “make America great again” he might but, when your very first speech is full of hate, when your first speech is so hurtful and offensive, when your first speech is disrespectful, when your first speech was so loud you can’t hear anything else.
After witnessing the USA election I will be respectful of the decision taken and I will keep respecting your country, your people and your laws, but also and above all I respect myself and my country and I don’t take for granted Mr. Trump’s speech and the people to hear it and embrace it, I know when I’m not welcome and I won’t expose myself to be offended or mistreated, there is no need.
So I want to communicate that four al least the next 4 years I decide NOT to attend to any conventions that take place in the red states, those states who voted for Mr. Trump, those states where I am clearly not welcome.
amazing700ramosFor the fans. I ask your understanding and support. Hey, we can meet in many shows across your beautiful country but please understand I can’t go to a house I’m not being invited, the vote clearly says that.
And no, I’m not against the republicans and their political agenda I am taking this decision because this particular candidate and now elected president clearly pointed at me, this one person these states voted for.
This is not a political statement is just me trying to explain a decision I took in order to show respect to myself, my family and friends, this is not a movement, it’s a very personal decision and I wish…. I hope you respect it.
One last thing, I love the USA and I love your people, those who share love and care, to all you we from the world beg you, don’t let the bullying an hatred win, we stand with you … make America great. Yes, you can.
In the meanwhile I will do my share by drawing the funny books, those that inspire and gives joy and laughs and entertainment.
We need to smile

Artist George Perez has also decided to not attend shows in Trump supporting states in 2018. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Enigma_2099

    Well I can see this is going great. Gotta love the level headed-ness of political discussions. Too bad you can't see it here. I actually understand his opinion, and people are giving him s*** over it. Or are you saying Trump didn't mean those things when he said it?Man, I thought the Obama/McCain election was a f***** joke...

  2. JMH

    Oh no! A sub-par artist won't be visiting states (that he likely didn't visit often if at all) that didn't vote how he wanted them to. "This is not a political statement" he says. Obviously, it is.

  3. Old Guy

    Nevermind. It is not your fault you were baited into the political rant. This article should not have been posted here in the first place, and probably should be taken down.It's not too hard to notice that Ramos is still leaving it open to go to New York, San Diego, and Chicago. Not alot of Comicons in North Dakota for him to boycott.

  4. George at Work

    Good Lord, it's Lord of the Flies in here. SMH.Seriously people, we're *better* than this. Can we please steer it back to the topic without all the name calling and labeling? Note I'm saying "please" here and trying to appeal to everyone's better side.This isn't free crack night at the CBR ferret hut; it's Crawlspace. Let's give each other a little more respect.Thanks,--George

  5. hornacek

    @OldGuy - I have no idea what you're saying. Not sure how you got to "Hornacek is a racist" from me pointing out that 49% of the voters (25% of the public) voted in a racist to lead the country and make decisions for all people, including minorities. OldGuy, all Canadians welcome you to visit here, apply to stay if you want, and enjoy our free health care which no one is dumb enough to try to take away. Also enjoy our maple syrup and poutine!@jack - "do you admit any differences at all between a voter's subjective motives and the candidate's objective stands?" I'll admit that if someone is a racist then I'm not gonna vote for them, even if they may be the smartest candidate running (which in no way Trump was).As far as Trump voters saying they and Trump are not racist, here's a quote from Hassan Minaj from the Daily Show about this: "You personally may not be a racist, sexist xenophobe. But that comes with the package. So if you take that deal, what you're telling me is, 'Hey, man. I don't hate you. I just don't *care* about you.'"If you voted for Trump, don't try and take the high road and claim that you voted for him for other reasons and that you don't condone his racist (if you can even admit it exists). Just admit that he wasn't being racist against you so you didn't care about it.

  6. Cheesedique

    @ Jack -- false equivalence. You are trying to equate a reproductive issue with a racist stance. Women should have the right to choose what happens with their health. No one in 2016 should choose racism, which is the message many are taking from the election of Trump, like it or not.

  7. Jack

    P.S. I voted third-party because, as a Christian and a minister, I rejected Trump for many of the same reasons I criticized Bill Clinton, and I felt it was important to stay consistent.OTOH, Hornacek, do you admit any differences at all between a voter's subjective motives and the candidate's objective stands? For example, is -everyone- who voted for Hillary a baby-killer?

  8. Old Guy

    Cool. So I can just drive over the border to Canada and not stop and talk to anyone or present identification? Awesome !Wait - that is not true ? Hornacek is a racist since he lives in Canada.

  9. hornacek

    I live in Canada so *I* didn't lose. But in effect, decency lost in this election when a sexist racist bigot was elected.At least Bush W. was qualified and did not have the Klan endorsing him.

  10. Thrawn

    Grow up and quit whining. I thought the outrage was hysterically sad and pathetic after the 2000 and 2004 elections, but it's even funnier after this one. lolYou lost, congratulate the winners and try again in four years.

  11. hornacek

    I love how Trump supporters say that the media is biased and corrupt because they report on actual quotes and actions from Trump and then act like the media made them up. Like the media reported about how he likes to sexually assault women solely based on video footage of him saying that.

  12. Borvoc

    I actually love Mr. Ramos' art, unlike some on this site and related podcast (which I also enjoy; different opinions and all that). I grew up on the 90's Spider-Man cartoons and then the Ramey films when they came out. By the time I decided to actually check out the comics that starred my childhood favorite super hero to see if they were more than the tumult of craziness I thought better served as a rough draft to be ironed out by other media and better thought-out, decluttered retellings, they had killed Parker off and replaced him with his "Superior".Being interested in Peter Parker specifically at the time, I was saddened, but I was able to start back at Spider-Island thanks to a Comixology sale, and, falling in love with the art and it's expressiveness, I found the beginning of Mr. Ramos' run and read my way forward. Later, I would find certain issues with what I would learn is referred to as Brand New Day, and in the same way, once satisfied with Peter Parker stories, I was able to appreciate Superior Spider-Man for what it was, comforted that it had eventually to give way to the return again of the once-photographer from Queens.I live in Michigan, Mr. Ramos, and I helped put Donald Trump in the lead here by what I believe ended up being about one percent, though I'm not really sure my State really mattered much in the final count. Regardless, though I myself am the type of person who is quite willing to appreciate the work of great artists without ever feeling the need to meet them in person (likewise, I find autographs to be silly), I nonetheless do not in any way wish you to feel unwelcome in my or any other red State (doesn't it feel weird to call Michigan a red State?!).As a side note, Mr. Ramos, you refer to the color red as representing danger. In our Cold War, it represented Communists, which have more in common with our Democrats than with our Republicans. I really wish my friends who think themselves Liberal had taken up their red mantle within my Country, but circumstance has bestowed it instead upon our more Conservative. In the end, it is just a color.You came to our great Country legally, Mr. Ramos, or so I assume, and as such you are welcome in any of our great States, none of which voted against you. Nor did Donald Trump himself speak against you in any way. If your understanding to the contrary is due in any way to our biased and corrupt media and the misrepresentations and mistruths they propagate, then you have my deepest apologies. I hope we can fix that also in time, but our Constitution does protect speech, no matter how false it may be.In closing, Mr. Ramos, I have hope that we can and will work to make America as great again as it is powerful, with which must also come, among other things, the great responsibility of securing our borders in order to protect people like you who spend time within them. I hope that you can come eventually to understand and agree.

  13. Jack

    It's also simple-headed, because it assumes (wrongly) that everyone who voted for Trump voted in favor of racism. I know that's the current screech, but it's as wrong as can be. A lot of people who voted for Trump this time voted for Obama both times, and their reason was intense hostility to Hillary - which isn't racism.

  14. Jack

    This is simple-minded and wrong-headed, though it is his right. There are many states where the Trump vote just barely out-polled the Hillary vote. And there are many states whose economies are inter-twined (like southern Ohio + northern Kentucky), so by "punishing" one you actually "punish" innocent people in the other. Not a strategy that reflects actual facts.

  15. Angus MacFrankenstein

    Mr. Ramos should consider joining the #safetypin movement instead of boycotting so-called "Trump-states:"

  16. Megyn

    Stupid stupid stupid! First I voted for Hillary! I don't want a Trump America. But this not going to red states is crap!!! It's unfair to fans. First, I love in Florida, a purple state that went red this year. I go to the shows I can in Florida. Show I never seen Ramos at. But first off, I vote. It's unfair to me to write Florida off cause more assclowns voted for trump then smart people. But it's also unfair cause I'm sure if you took a vote on who is a comic book fan and who is not, I'm sure you will also get loads of people that never opened a book. I talked to people I gave my voice to Hillary. So now I get punished to never meet Ramos Or Perez cause everyone else is a piece of crap? How is that fair. Protest. Hold a sign at the convention, but not come to Florida cause other people are morons is bots right. I don't have loads of money to travel to shows outta state. And now trump Winning makes me scared I'll lose money and other stuff like healthcare, my house, my job, so please don't come to Florida, take away more from me cause my vote for Hillary didn't matter! I tried. I shouldn't be punished for that.

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