Podcast # 443-Homecoming Prequel, Garfield Back, Spider-Burglar Talks, Stan Lee Cameos, Ditko Birthday

podcast443picWe tackle several topics in this Spider-News episode. Here are the topics:
*Spider-Man:Homecoming is getting a prequel comic
* Does Spider-Man have an identity crisis? IGN thinks so.
*Stan Lee films four cameos
*Andrew Garfield puts on the Spider-Man suit one more time.
*Amazing Spider-Man actor Michael Massee dies, he played the Gentleman in the films.
*A burglar named Spider-Man is interviewed on a recent radio show.
*David Letterman was almost in the Amazing Spider-Man ?
*A Canadian Spider-Man stops an alleged shoplifter
*Singer Michael Buble’s son, who is a Spider-Man fan, is battling cancer.
*Spider-Man is a Trump fan?
*Halloween prank with Spider-Man
*Steve Ditko celebrate’s his 89th birthday and we share a run in with the artist.


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