Podcast #445-Spider-History November 1996

podcast445picJR takes us back 20 years for this edition of Spider-History and visits November 1996. The books he looks at includes:
*Amazing Spider-Man #417
*Sensational Spider-Man #10
*Spider-Man # 74
*Spectacular Spider-Man # 240
*Spider-Man : Redemption #3
*Untold Tales of Spider-Man # 15


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  1. Matt Byrd

    Hey Crawlspacer CEO Mister Douglas, I happen to agree with you on liking the VENOM novel Trilogy by Diane Duane in fact the one part from the first one called the Venom Factor that I still love to this day was how Duane was in on all the "Barney" the purple dinosaur HATE CRAZE. If you remember Mary Jane was helping in a soup kitchen and while watching the television news station of Peter as Spidey was chasing both Venom and the Hobgoblin while they were chasing some creature she made up into the sewers Duane not Mary Jane just so your clear..... Mary Jane had a thought of introducing Venom and Barney together. This was a great podcast guys it was after this of the end of the clone saga left me hanging for Defalco's Spider-Girl series after "WHAT IF # 105" I have yet to read Gerry Conway's "Renew your vows # 1 but I am sure I will love over all of the current marvel crap being pushed on us as fans. I really loved the Spider-Marriage more than anybody that I knew, and for Marvel as a company taking steps to drum down their flagship character was worse than a double middle fingers to all Spider-Man fandom.

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