Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer and BD Thoughts

Here it is,what do you think of the America trailer?

Here’s the International Trailer with a bit more video of Michael Keaton as the Vulture and Bokeem Woodbine as the Shocker.

Here’s a couple of my takeaways from the trailer.

*I loved the bank robbing Avengers scene.

*Zendaya looks to be playing a bookworm. Would you want that to be Mary Jane/ Michelle?

*The love interest appears to be is Liz Allen. That is similar to the early issues where he had a crush on her.

*Ned Leeds learns Peter’s identity. This almost proves to me he is Ned Leeds in name only and much more  Ganke from the Ultimate Universe.

*I felt a very 1980’s, Breakfast Club vibe. I dig that!

*Tony Stark is very much involved in the tech for Peter. I dig how Peter tries to break away from that and be independent. I hope that sticks.  Downey Jr is awesome as always in the Tony Stark role.

*Webpits, webpits, webpits. This is the fifth Spider-Man movie and we finally got them. I’m such a fan.

*Friends and family are on an boat that gets chopped in half and it tests his strength. It’s the Ditko, Master Planner scenario on the big screen.

*Spider-Man mentions the Hulk. I’m in heaven!

*Bruce Banner is on the wall of famous scientists. He’s on the far right. Hulk geek moment #2!

*Michael Keaton is a bad ass.

*I’m not sure about the look of the Vulture costume.

*I’m also not sure about the Shocker costume.

What are your thoughts about the two trailer? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Al

    That along with other things is the problem with Homecoming as a Spider-Man movie. It's trying to be novel and tie into the MCU to the point where it's going off the reservation and exchanging core aspects of Spider-Man's mythos to do that, with Ganke being the biggest offender of this. Ganke shouldn't be in a Peter Parker movie., it takes away from Miles, it belies the fact that Peter is a loner and it is unnecesarry because Peter has so many supporting characetrs who could fill that role if you really wanted to fill it. Oh and it fucks over Ned. Vulture looks cool but I worry that like Aunt May they are going to deage him too much. Which will be betrayal because being an old guy who's mind and tech put him back int he game is the point of Vulture. I like Holland but I worry about stuff like "Whoa that was awesome". I dunno it's a nitpick. The thing is they could do a movie which is something audiences haven't seen, ties into the MCU and also keeps the essentials right about Spider-Man.

  2. Al

    Okay so I’m excitied about this being a entertaining MCU action flick. As a Spider-Man movie not so much. Based purely on the trailer there is too much they are getting wrong about Spider-Man. Either due to incompetence or more likely due to a desire for a) synergy and b) novelty. The thing is I think when we heard Spidey would be in the MCU most of us anticipated that we’d be getting to see Spider-Man in Avengers movies and also get high quality films like the MCU is known for. Not that we’d get Ultimate Spider-Man meets New Avengers meets Slott’s run meets Marvel Team-Up. The first 2 Cap films were perfect examples of how the MCU should operate as they utilized elements from the broader universe but those were secondary to being a Cap movie adapting Cap stories about Cap’s character working through a problem similar to problems Cap in the comics has dealt with. To varying degrees of success you could say the same of other MCU movies. First and foremost they were movies serving as trying to be the best solo outings for the characters covering important stories and concepts from their histories and then acknowledging and seeding stuff for the wider universe. Homecoming will likely be a good movie but as a Spider-Man movie it looks to be lacking because its prioritizing being ‘the MCU Spider-Man’ over being ‘Spider-Man’. I’m sorry but Tony Stark and indeed any hero should NEVER be mentoring teen Spider-Man at any point ever. It goes beyond ‘that wasn’t in the comics’ into ‘this is going against the point of the character’. Because teen hero with an exepreinced adult hero mentor trying to joint he big leagues is just a step removed from ‘teen sidekick hero. Which is literally the opposite of what Spider-Man was created to be. He was a symbol of teen rebellion in a decade rife with that. He was the kid going it alone and doing it his own way. Trying to help people but not dancing to what authority figures like the police, Jameson or the adults generally told him to do. He was his own man. THAT is essential to Spider-Man especially as a teenager. And it was a reflection of him being an outsider in and out of his costume who gradually came out of his shell and built bridges between himself and other people, including other heroes. So hating him being a mentee to anyone is a far cry from irrational. As is disliking too much tech which HE didn't create. Hell remember how people dissed the Raimi movies because Webb's films had him inventing stuff. Where's that gone now to the point where he's just GIVEN tech.

  3. krankyboy

    Yeah, I think I'll be skipping this one. I was already dubious of Marisa Tomei as a youngish Aunt May and the Stark suit, which isn't a bad design but is far too tricked out (Peter presses the spider on his chest and it wrinkles up and drops off his body? What happens if a villain punches that chest emblem button during a fight?) But Spidey was always a street level hero and something of an alpha-male loner as a teenager. Peter certainly did not need Iron Man, and the insertion of Stark strikes me as unnecessary. Even when a teenage Peter did try to join the Fantastic Four in the classic silver age story, you just knew it wasn't going to work out given Peter's personality. He really *was* something of a hot head. Speaking of Iron Man's role in this movie, we didn't need Ganke Leeds either -- or the fact that he's going to know Peter's secret identity (don't they ever stay secret anymore?) and becomes a confidant. Like George, I'm not a fan of Ultimate and *really* don't like Miles Morales, so the marrying of characters from that world with Peter leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The race swapping also feels forced to the extent that Flash Thompson in this film is basically just a different character altogether -- much like Ned Leeds. I'm assuming that Zendaya is going to be the race-replaced stand-in for Mary Jane since Marvel/Sony is going hog wild with that approach. I just get the feeling that the studio execs -- and possibly Feige --had their diversity checklist and shoved square pegs into rounded holes at random. So Peter has no other white major supporting characters as friends or love interests at his private school? Seriously? The dialogue felt far too on the nose in places ("This is my chance to PROVE myself!") and Holland, while good as Peter, sounds too much like a little boy as Spidey. The quipping also fell flat. However, Keaton probably is going to bring it as the Vulture. And his costume/suit certainly seems threatening. Overall, I don't like the changes or the direction Marvel Studios took with Spider-Man. So I'm out.

  4. Magnetic Eye

    @Justin Parris You've captured my sentiments exactly, well said. I'm really over the teen Spider-Man hype. Understanding that the MCU is meant to be an amalgam of 616 & 1610, I find it really bizarre that Marvel/Disney/Sony chose to borrow heavily from the Ultimate Universe. Despite the trailer looking great from a production point of view, it's really more of the same formulaic Marvel Studio fanfare, lots of jokey jokey moments and BS Tony Stark inventing everything in the MCU and being a mentor??? I love RDJ but this is over saturation. So they basically took Miles' Spider-Man concept and gave it to Peter, and renamed Ganke's character as Ned Leeds. So Marvel/Disney/Sony are only using material from the "Ultimate Spider-Man" a title that only lasted 10 years, and because of the false notion that teens can only relate to teens on screen. Hopefully when the teen movies are all done and dusted, we can move on to the mature adult Peter we are used to - the way he has been for 90% of the time in comics history. Like Spider-Dad said "This movie is not for the long time comic fans of Amazing Spider-Man." I find it funny that so many people associate Peter with being a teenage superhero, where in the original 616 ASM run he was only a teenager for a very short time.

  5. Spider-Dad

    I am with George on this one. Spider-Man should stand on his own merits, not rely on the meddling of Tony Stark to be successful. Although I am happy with the casting of Tom Holland as Peter Parker, all the other cast members are a complete misfire. Notable absences from the trailer. Uncle Ben, Aunt May, J. Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant, Gwen Stacey, Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn...you know the MAIN characters of the book, especially early on. This movie is not for the long time comic fans of Amazing Spider-Man. The Raimi series may have had some notable flaws, but the characters highlighted were better aligned with the comic series than what this rebooted version is representing. Hopefully the second and third version of this Spider-Man reintroduces Gwen, MJ and Harry in college, where they belong, and does it right. I can only hope...

  6. Shaun Austin Martineau

    I don't know if I've ever agreed with BD more than I have with his thoughts in the article/comments.

  7. WolfCypher

    Im in the George Camp. Too much Stark involvement. When I see Spidey, be it in the comics or the films, I want to be reminded of Spidey, not Iron Man. We just cant escape Stark. This was my exact fear when everyone else was clamoring for Marvel to get the rights of Spidey back, I wa worried that they would try too hard to inject him into an Avengersverse insteaf of try and establish him more as a solo hero who learns ON HIS OWN and builds his own gear ON HIS OWN. Im loving the Vulture's look tbh. I...cant deal with them trying to fuse elements of Miles Morales with Peter Parker. That's Ganke. That's not Ned Leeds, it's fu***** Ganke. Dont try to sell me piss in a jar and call it Granny's Peach Tea. Outside of Zandaya, palying anyone's-guess, I'm not enthused about the supporting cast so far. None of them give off a Flash or Ned Leeds (HE'S PLAYING GANKE!) or Liz vibe. Its funny that Zendaya has me hopeful and we have no clue who she is, and that te most accurate character looks to be Ganke, but is called Ned Leeds. Hmmm...this is a Spidey movie for a newer generation. Its not meant for the purists. I have to hope that the movie has major merits where it counts so I'm won over, but outside of the (surprisingly cool looking) Vulture, my excitement is low.

  8. Jack

    Feige said somewhere that the MCU is not the Marvel-616 universe. All these movies are alt-u. That idea gives them license to pick-and-choose what they like out of the 616 history. But it also gives them an out if a fan says, "Hey, Tony Stark was never there, he never did that!" It's a tricky line for MCU to tread. If they change or add too much, or change the wrong things, they end up with the Sony films. A little like having Peter's aunt now be the extremely-good-looking Marisa Tomei? Honestly, Tomei throws me off more than Tony Stark.

  9. George at Work

    "Truthfully, I think Iron Man will be shown heavily for marketing but will be in the movie less than we think." That may be but it doesn't change the fact that Tony Stark is designing/redesigning things Peter Parker should have done.

  10. Justin Parris

    So much to like, yet so much to hate. What I've found fascinating though, is the reactions to this trailer (at least what I've seen so far) and what it tells us about how successful Marvel's been at rebranding Spider-Man as a wimpy teenage loser. Many people are complaining about teenage Parker........AGAIN. It's an understandable if subjective complaint. What's really interesting though is the response, because online it's been consistent. "Peter is SUPPOSED to be a wimpy teenager living out his dream, read the comics!" "All the great Spider-Man stories were of him as a teenager, learn something about the character before posting." "Of course Spider-Man would work with Tony, he's known for working with Tony in the comics. Now that we're finally getting the real Peter Parker and not some guy in his 30's, it makes even more sense." These are real responses and I personally find it a little terrifying how easily Marvel's been able to brainwash the average Spider-fan into a completely nonexistent history for the character. Yes, I overall enjoyed Holland in Civil War, but I was nearly jumping out of my chair when he acted like a meek puppy dog eager to do Stark's bidding. Teenage Peter happy to take orders while working in a team format? Give me a break. We really lost more than MJ with One More Day, we lost everyone's memory of who Peter was.

  11. Xander Morningstar

    Truthfully, I think Iron Man will be shown heavily for marketing but will be in the movie less than we think.

  12. Enigma_2099

    @Paul It's Spider-Man... not The adventures of Iron Man and Spider-Man. Nor is it Avengers. And besides, haven't you gotten enough Iron Man? Don't you want to take a break from it? I think RD Jr's awesome too, but dial it down a notch! Oh yeah, remember all that stuff that went down in Civil War? Some of us were affected by it.

  13. Frontier

    I also just noticed a girl with white hair and black clothing in that "Breakfast Club" image. That couldn't be Felicia, could it?

  14. Frontier

    I love that Spider-Man is actually quipping in the bank robbery scene. Holland's Spidey actually quips! If Zendaya is playing Mary Jane, they're really trying to hide it well, though they also seem to be setting up Liz as the main girl which I imagine is a big red herring ('cause it's Liz). Yeah, that's basically Ganke with Ned Leeds' name attached to it. With as large as Peter's supporting cast in the comics is, I can't help but wonder why they needed to give him Miles Morales' best friend and slap on Neds' name onto the character, but whatever. I admit that I really hope that Stark isn't in this movie for very long. I'm not the biggest fan of Peter having a mentor early in his career, having a teched up Spidey-suit, or that we'd end a Spider-Man trailer with Iron Man and Spider-Man together like this is a team-up movie. Is anyone else flummoxed by Adrian Toomes now having hair? The Vulture actually looks scary with that mask on. Brad, that's not going to be Shocker's costume. We've seen him in a more comic-accurate look from set photos.

  15. George at Work

    "I am sorry but this hatred over Tony being in Spidey is just completely irrational." It's not irrational to want Spider-Man to be great on his own - in his own movie - without being in the shadow of someone else. Not at all. "We should trust Marvel by now that Tony will not overshadow Peter in his own film. its ridiculous to think otherwise." I trust my barber.

  16. Thrawn

    What I took away from that trailer is Michael Keaton. lol He already looks potentially better than every Marvel villain I've seen so far, and I like a couple of them well enough. From what I saw the Vulture costume looks pretty neat, but I need to see more before I can say for sure. The rest of the trailer looks okay. I have no idea what's up with Ned Leeds in that trailer or the Shocker. From what's in the trailer they look like potential problems, but it's only a teaser. So we'll see.

  17. Enigma_2099

    I like Robert Downey Jr. He makes a great Tony Stark. That being said, I am also f*****' sick of him. Keep him in iron Man where he belongs. And do they intend to go through the entire backlog of girls before they finally get to Mary Jane? Liz Allen? They were a thing now? Other than that, good trailer.

  18. Paul

    I am sorry but this hatred over Tony being in Spidey is just completely irrational. We should trust Marvel by now that Tony will not overshadow Peter in his own film. its ridiculous to think otherwise.

  19. Spider-Matt

    I loved it. I loved the little bit of fighting, the personality, and all the actors look good to me. Keaton like he'll be amazing. I don't mind Tony being in it, but like, he seems too involved here. The little scene in the limo and then a scene with Happy or something seems fine to me, but it looks like there's too much. Although it could be justified because Peter looks like he wants independence, which is a good move. Still, I hate that we're seeing him suit up to help out Peter. I don't like that at all

  20. tnr105

    Wouldn't be surprised if Stark is the business partner in Toome's origin that he tries to take revenge upon. Stark's logo was on the Falcon's jetpack in Cap 2, and he made the upgraded suit for him. I can see them tying that in to Vulture.

  21. Jack

    I liked it. They can't do the thought-balloons that the classic comics used as a device to get into Peter's head, so they substituted Best Friend To Talk To (it's a very Nickelodeon thing to do, which younger audiences will sync with; sorry, George). This looks like a mash-up of the 616 and Ultimate worlds. They are cherry-picking what they like from both iterations. They set it in HS because, now that they found Tom Holland, they want to use him as their lead as long as they can. They're also interested in hooking the interest of high-school movie-goers, and hoping they'll travel along with the movies as they roll out, like the Harry Potter kids. Momentarily Shirtless Tim Holland will attract some attention from HS female audience members, I suspect. I'd say they're going with the Romita "smart, picked-on young guy but he has friends & family" Peter, not the "I'm a brilliant bitter loner hated by all, but at least I have my copy of Atlas Shrugged" of Ditko.

  22. Ghost of Ben Reilly

    So Peter is skilled enough to travel to Germany at Stark's behest and take on a team of super-powered heroes, but he's not ready for a guy in a mechanical bird suit?

  23. Daniel Christophersen

    Love RDJ but as previously stated by others Spidey is better as a loner. But this isn't going to happen. He will be an Avenger, he will be in infinity war and Iron Man's inclusion in a Spider-Man movie is likely a stipulation in the contract made between Sony and Marvel.

  24. Symbiobro

    I can't help but find this bittersweet. We're finally getting Spider-Man back in the Marvel universe, and the costume looks amazing, and Tom Holland is a great Peter, but there's just so many other things about the movie that are just wrong. The fights scenes in this trailer were awesome, and I definitely liked where they were going with the humor, but I dunno, I still just can't get over some of the other decisions that are being made. A big thing I dislike is Not Ned Leeds. Like George, I very much dislike the Ultimate universe, and do not think Ganke needs to be in this universe. And why call him Ned Leeds? It's obvious he's Ganke, so don't use another character's name for no reason. It's the same issue I've had with everything I've heard and seen about this movie's Flash Thompson. It sounds like other than having the same name and being mean to Peter, he shares nothing in common with the character. And I still don't love how much Tony Stark is present. Luckily the trailer seems to imply Peter trying to gain more independence, so that's nice, and Brad makes a good point about Tony being similar to the Fantastic 4. Just like in ASM #1 where the Fantastic 4 were heavily involved, Tony will be heavily involved in Spider-man's first Marvel movie, so that actually makes me feel a bit better about that (Though I wish Peter had at least designed the costume). Seeing Spidey swinging next to Iron Man at the end is pretty cool though. Now, onto the villain. I've never really cared about the Vulture in the comics, always thought he was kind of lame, but I'm loving what I'm seeing here. Keaton seems like he's going to be great, and I really like the design. The collar makes sense with a sort of aviator/pilot design. Still unsure how I feel about Shocker, gonna need to see a bit more. He's always been a villain I've really liked, so I hope they do him justice. So I'm still excited, and am definitely gonna see it day 1, but I'm not as excited as I should be. This is what I get for wishing I wanted Spider-man back at Marvel with the monkey's paw.

  25. Andrew_C

    Also guys? What about a post or podcast about the REAL news from yesterday? Don't make me make an obscene clone fall!

  26. Andrew_C

    8/10 A solid CBM trailer, but nothing that stood out as really special or different from previous Spidey movie trailers.

  27. Crime Master

    The armpits, Holland, Keaton, all great! The bubbly teen movie tone seems like it could become obnoxious to me though, and I don't know how I feel about Stark seemingly having such a big role in the film. I'm hoping that something will happen to make Spidey lose all interest in joining the avengers or having Stark as his mentor, and he'll gain his loner status from the earlier comics. I also love how they seemingly picked a random Spidey mythos-related name out of a hat with Ned Leeds! He was never a great character anyway, but it does feel a bit pointless.

  28. Xander Morningstar

    I'm really confused by this trailer. The fight scenes were amazing, but I don't understand what the targeted audience is. Is it for nostalgic fans? Because there is a lot of Ditko work in it, but there's also a lot of Ultimate work as well, so are they going for the Ultimate fans? Or is it meant to be for those who are fans of the "let's make awkward scenes funny" plague on Hollywood? Also, will Uncle Ben be in this movie at all? Parker met Stark after becoming Spider-Man, so maybe he'd be in a flashback? But would bringing Uncle Ben tire the audience further, or is Stark filling his role? Parker has so many people to talk to in this movie that I would find it hard for him to go through a coping phase (unless he has tension with Stark because of his age, he can't go to his Aunt because she'd worry, and Leeds isn't much because he's a kid like Parker). I liked the fight scenes, the creepy Peter Parker, the callbacks to the character's origin (because if they're going to go young, they're going to go young), but am left a little confused with everything else. I feel like this came from MTV...

  29. George Berryman

    Personality wise Holland is a great Peter. And I've said, many times over the years, that the Vulture could be a menacing villain depending on the writer. At least I may be proven correct on that even if the rest of the film is a lamentable train wreck of missed characterization. I wish I could be more excited about the web pits but knowing that Tony Stark probably made them leaves a really sour taste in my mouth.

  30. George Berryman

    "This Spider-Man is coming into the Marvel Universe years after Tony Stark became the first superhero and the Avengers formed. This isn't the 616 where there was just the Fantastic Four and the Hulk. This Spider-Man is coming in late to the universe due to Sony/ Marvel not being able to make a deal earlier." None of that necessitates a need for him to have a mentor.

  31. Brad Douglas - Post author

    This Spider-Man is coming into the Marvel Universe years after Tony Stark became the first superhero and the Avengers formed. This isn't the 616 where there was just the Fantastic Four and the Hulk. This Spider-Man is coming in late to the universe due to Sony/ Marvel not being able to make a deal earlier. It makes sense in this universe that Stark is involved, plus it's not a bad thing to have Downey Jr in it since he sells tickets. We see in the trailer Spider-Man wanting independence from Stark. I'm sure it'll happen. But having two Hulk references and webpits, I'm over the moon.

  32. George Berryman

    I'm old enough to remember when Spider-Man didn't need a mentor and did his best as he went along. Without anyone inventing his suit. Too much Stark, and it takes a lot away from what makes Peter/Spidey great. Spidey isn't even allowed to close out the trailer by himself - nope, gotta have his bestest pal Iron Man in there. Give me a damn break. In his early career there isn't anyone that should know Peter's secret that he can confide in. Not Stark, nod Guy Who Is Ned But Isn't Ned. It takes too much away from him finding his own way and the inner conflicts he had to quietly wrestle with, even to the point of making him moody. So so so many unfortunate misfires but hey, at least the villains look interesting.

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