Podcast #448 Spider-Jeopardy The Lost File

We thought this episode was a victim of a Skype crash, but we found it. The 2016 Spider-Jeopardy game with the regular panel has been recovered. Much thanks to Zach for having a backup recording and fixing this damaged file.
This episode features George again as the host. The players include:
Will JR win yet again? Will Brad win his first Spider-Jeopardy? Will Zach win a second game?

Here are the categories:
*Team Up aka Suck it JR
*Bad Villains
*Cissy Ironwood Damn it
*Webs on Films
*Hold the Peter Please
*Name that Story
*Shit my Publisher Says
Strange Spidey

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  1. hornacek

    Finally a Spider-Jeopardy episode where all the listeners say "I knew the answer to that one!" and they're actually telling the truth. I'm still going through the reviewers version, hopefully that one doesn't give away who wins this one.

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