Previews: December 14th, 2016 (Incl. First Looks)

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #2
Deadpool: Back in Black #5 (Spider-Man/ Peter Parker)
Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry Mix Up #1 (Spider-Man/Miles Morales)
Mosaic #3 (Spider-Man/ Peter Parker?)
Power Man and Iron Fist #11 (Black Cat)
Silk #15 (Mattie Franklin)
Spider-Man #10

Amazing Spider-Man #22 (First Look)
Civil War II #8 (First Look)
Clone Conspiracy #4 (First Look)
Spider-Man #12 (First Look)

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Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #2

STORY BY Gerry Conway
ART BY Ryan Stegman
COVER BY Ryan Stegman and Sonia Oback

• The Mole Man attacks NYC and only the Spider-Family can stop him!

• Mary Jane Watson Parker gets her first real test as a full-fledged super hero!


And for those itching for more (5) 🙂

Deadpool: Back in Black #5

(Spider-Man/ Peter Parker)

STORY BY Cullen Bunn
ART BY Salva Espin
COLORS BY Ruth Redmond
LETTERS BY VC’s Joe Sabino
COVER BY Ron Lim and Salva Espin

• Deadpool’s adventures in the Venom symbiote conclude!

• Guest-starring… black costume Spider-Man?!

• That’s right – we’ve got everyone’s favorite symbiotic relationship…

• …and the symbiote is there, too!


Spider-Man #10

STORY BY Brian Michael Bendis
ART BY Nico Leon
COLORS BY Marte Gracia and Rachelle Rosenberg
LETTERS BY VC’s Cory Petit
COVER BY Pasqual Ferry and Sara Pichelli

CIVIL WAR II Aftermath!

• The events of Civil War II have made Miles a target and will change the way the Marvel Universe looks at Spider-Man forever.


Silk #15

(Mattie Franklin)

STORY BY Robbie Thompson
ART BY Irene Strychalski
COLORS BY Ian Herring and Irma Kniivila
LETTERS BY VC’s Travis Lanham
COVER BY Helen Chen


• In the midst of DEAD NO MORE: THE CLONE CONSPIRACY, SILK faces off against a SPIDER-WOMAN!

• NEW U has given J. Jonah Jameson his life back. First, his wife Marla was brought back from the dead, and now his adopted daughter, Mattie Franklin, a.k.a. SPIDER-WOMAN, is alive again as well!

• It should be a time for celebration, but Cindy Moon, a.k.a. SILK, is feeling anything but festive, especially since her boss’ entire family has been resurrected and is setting off her spider-sense!


Power Man and Iron Fist #11

(Black Cat)

STORY BY David F. Walker
ART BY Sanford Greene
COLORS BY Lee Loughridge
COVER BY Sanford Greene


• Luke and Danny make headway in healing the civilian wounds of CIVIL WAR II.

• But war is coming to Harlem, and there may not be anything our heroes can do to stop it!


Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry Mix Up #1

(Spider-Man/Miles Morales)

STORY BY Christopher Hastings, Karla Pacheco, Nick Kocher, and Ryan North
ART BY Bruno Oliveira, Myisha Haynes, Nathan Stockman, and Oscar Bazaldua
COLORS BY Andres Mossa, Jim Campbell, and Rachelle Rosenberg
LETTERS BY Clayton Cowles and Travis Lanham
COVER BY Chip Zdarsky, Erica Henderson, Ron Lim, and Salva Espin

It’s the holidays yet again, and that means it’s time to join EVERYONE’S FAVORITE GWEN (take that, Stacy!) and celebrate good times, come on! Only problem is… somehow this year’s festive traditions seem to be a little… off… and Gwen’s the only one who notices. FEATURING: Gwenpool (duh), Spider-Man, Red Skull, Punisher and even Deadpool! This is one present you know you gotta buy yourself!


Mosaic #3

 (Spider-Man/ Peter Parker?)

STORY BY Geoffrey Thorne
ART BY Khary Randolph
COVER BY Keron Grant

• The newest Marvel super hero continues to learn what he can do.

• Mosaic’s personal life comes crashing down in the wake of his Terrigenesis.

• And don’t miss Mosaic’s first takeover of a MAJOR Marvel character!


Amazing Spider-Man #22

STORY BY Christos Gage and Dan Slott
ART BY Giuseppe Camuncoli
COVER BY Alex Ross


• Miles Warren, a.k.a. the Jackal, has been a thorn in Peter Parker’s side since college.

• What spurred his latest rebranding and master plan? FIND OUT HERE!


(Due December 21st, 2016)

(Provided By Newsarama)

Clone Conspiracy #4

STORY BY Dan Slott
ART BY Jim Cheung
COVER BY Gabriele Dell’otto

• The darkest Spider-Man story ever gets EVEN DARKER!

• Doctor Octopus and the Lizard have both been on a tight leash, but decide it’s time to stop playing nice…


(Due January 18th, 2017)

(Provided By Newsarama)

Civil War II #8

STORY BY Brian Michael Bendis
ART BY David Marquez
COVER BY David Marquez, John Cassaday, Marko Djurdjevic, and Michael Cho

This is it! Captain Marvel vs. Iron Man for the fate of the Marvel Universe! Today, we’re pleased to present your first look inside CIVIL WAR II #8 – the epic final chapter! Blockbuster creators Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez go out with a seismic bang as fists fly over Washington D.C. Plus, Ulysses’ precognitive powers grow stronger with each passing moment. As they reach their peak, what horrors from the future will be unleashed? And seeds sown here will bear bitter fruit for the Marvel Universe of tomorrow. Protect the future or change the future? It all gets decided here! Don’t miss the comic that will have the whole world talking when CIVIL WAR II #8 comes to comic shops and digital devices everywhere on December 28th!


(Due December 28th, 2016)

Spider-Man #12

STORY BY Brian Michael Bendis
ART BY Sara Pichelli
COVER BY Sara Pichelli


• The two most talked about heroes give us something new to talk about in this Spider-Man/Spider-Gwen crossover.

• How did Miles and Gwen get here?!

Press Release

Gwen and Miles sittin’ in a tree…you know the rest! What you don’t know is the twists and turns that await you inside this brand-new 4-part crossover between Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside SPIDER-MAN #12 – the first chapter of “Sitting in a Tree”! Blockbuster creators Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli bring you the kiss heard round the world as love is in the air for Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy. These two webslinging lovebirds collide for an adventure in Gwen’s universe that’s going to rock their respective worlds. It’s all happening when “Sitting in a Tree” kicks off in SPIDER-MAN #12 – coming to comic shops and digital devices on January 11th! Plus, don’t miss the continuing adventures of Gwen and Miles in Spider-Gwen #16 – part 2 of the crossover – also coming in January!


(Due January 11th, 2017)

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