Podcast #452 Friday Night Goblin Fight

In this last episode of 2016, we tackle one of Spider-Man biggest fights. In this episode of Friday Night Fights we take a look back at Amazing Spider-Man #39 & 40 from 1966. In this episode George and Brad are joined by the biggest Green Goblin fan we know, JR.
Also we’d like you to pick the January fight for Friday Night Fights.  In the comment section, leave your suggestion with issue numbers of what you would would like us to discuss. Hint, George hates Venom and the Ultimate Universe.


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  1. Jack Brooks

    Let's amuse the colleague who did the column on Spidey's Lamest Villains, and do a Friday Night Fight about...the Gibbon! Or Spidey vs the Spider-Mobile.

  2. kaine_reilly_parker

    @WolfCypher Totally not a troll. Brad said mentioned an opportunity to possibly do a clone or symbiote fight and that came to mind since it's both. It may be everything that George hates in one package but it's also arguably both of those things at or near their very best. Let's look at the potential positives of this: 1. It's probably the most unique fight covered so far since Peter is not involved at all 2. The first clone fight covered 3. The first symbiote fight covered 4. It's a particularly brutal and fun fight 5. It has a great ending I give it an A+ because I like the covers!

  3. Tksw.Tv

    I usually do not leave a response, however after looking at through a few of the comments here Podcast #452 Friday Night Goblin Fight – Spider Man Crawlspace. I actually do have a couple of questions for you if it's allright. Is it simply me or does it look like a few of these responses appear as if they are coming from brain dead folks? :-P And, if you are writing at additional social sites, I would like to follow you. Would you post a list of all of all your social networking sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  4. ac

    Have an interesting fight for you, (Since Spidey will presumably be facing Thanos in the movies) How about the Marvel two in one annual where Spider-man and Thing fight Thanos?

  5. WolfCypher

    @Kaine_Reilly See, you may be suggesting that just to tee Barryman off, since that story is a Clone Saga/Ben Reilly/Venom story and its EVERYTHING George hates in one package... But if serious, it actually is a good story, and and even better, more BRUTAL fight. Twice, Ben almost gets killed by Venom, and its Venom written as a pure antagonist. Usually during Venom's "Lethal Protector" phase, when Spidey ad Venom came to blows, the story always found a way to have the two foes leave on neutral ends...but this arc (Exile Returns) is purely Ben trying to bring Venom down and Venom trying to kill Ben. None of the stuff the 90s did that tarnished Venom really play into this. Its exclusively Venom and the Scarlet Spider in a damn good fight, probably better than anything Peter and Brock ever had proper. Not my favorite Venom related story (although I do reaaaally love this arc) buuuuuut possibly my favorite Venom fight at the least, easily. Now, since its not a PETER PARKER/SPIDER-MAN fight, that could be George's out, along with..you know...clones and symbiotes in one story, so I woudn't have bothered to suggest this one. I was surprised, happy even, that you did, so screw it, I'll second your suggestion. So if not this one, ASM 374-375 rivals that, with a crazy fight and brilliant Mark Bagley art.

  6. kaine_reilly_parker

    January's Fight Club should be Ben Reilly vs Eddie Brock in The Exile Returns. That kills two birds with one stone, is semi-relevant to the current story, and it's a pretty good story to boot. It takes place in Web of Spider-Man #118 & #119, Spider-Man #52 & #53.

  7. tnr105

    My recommendation for a future fight? ASM #327. Acts of Vengeance. Cosmic Spidey vs Magneto. Unlike the other villains who went after him, Magneto basically effs with him the whole time. He tries to 'test' him in an attempt at find out if his new powers are the result of a mutation.

  8. Andrew C

    My rec for a future fight is ASM (Vol 1) #425. Spidey gets decked in a rubber insulation suit, teams up with the very 90's X-Man and takes on a souped up Electro to avenge an earlier humiliation. It's actually a pretty good issue, despite the fact it has scary Steve Skroce penciling it. http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_1_425

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