Ben Reilly Returns With A Hoodie

CBR just posted an interview with writer Peter David about his upcoming Scarlet Spider book.  He’s teaming up with artist Mark Bagley to bring Ben Reilly back in his own ongoing book.
Here are some highlights from the article.

*Ben has an Aunt May stand in with a senior citizen named Aunt June
*The series is set outside of New York. It’s a city that’s been in a Marvel comic book but not very often.
*Kaine Parker is involved in the series
*Cassandra Mercury is the first villain. She is the premierie blackmailer of the Marvel Universe. She has dirt on everyone.
*The hoodie was essential to the character

And yes, there will be a hoodie because, hey, Scarlet Spider. Gotta be a hoodie, said Peter David

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  1. Brad Douglas - Post author

    Here's the official press release text. "BEN REILLY: THE SCARLET SPIDER Returns For All-New Series! The Fan-Favorite Character Goes Solo in April New York, NY—January 9th, 2017 — This April, one of the most controversial characters in Marvel history returns to don the mask (and hoodie!) once more. Today, Marvel is pleased to announce BEN REILLY: THE SCARLET SPIDER #1 – the new series from New York Times Bestselling creators Peter David (Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099) and Mark Bagley (Ultimate Spider-Man, All-New X-Men)! That’s right, Ben Reilly is webslinging his way back into comic shops everywhere later this year and he’s bringing two of the most accomplished & beloved Spider-Man creators of all-time with him! Only question is – will it be as a hero…or a villain? It was the twist that shocked the world. Ben Reilly had returned, but not as he once was. Twisted and manipulated by the villainous Jackal, the fallen clone is out to break the cycle, and reclaim his destiny. Not as Peter Parker’s clone – but as his own man. Will suiting up once more as the Scarlet Spider be enough to outrun his personal demons? All while being able to stay one step ahead of the man hunting him – Kaine Parker – the former Scarlet Spider?! “This book is not your usual Spider-Fare,” says Executive Editor, VP of Content & Digital Publishing Nick Lowe. “Peter David and Mark Bagley are taking this character into uncharted territory that’s both rip-roaring and troubling.” His old life is over. It’s time for a new beginning. But can you ever truly outrun your past? Find out as the iconic fan-favorite character returns to the fore once again in BEN REILLY: THE SCARLET SPIDER #1 – coming this April! BEN REILLY: THE SCARLET SPIDER #1 Written by PETER DAVID Art & Cover by MARK BAGLEY On-Sale in April!"

  2. Will

    The more I think about it, the more I think this is a mashup of Reilly's personality and that of Spidercide to make this Spidercide 2.0. The look of the costume being so close to Spidercide is probably intentional. This version of Scarlet Spider will probably have Spidercide's powers and his mental instability. This is completely plausible and fits with Marvel's hatred of Reilly and his fans...

  3. hornacek

    @Jason "You dislike how Marvel is presenting the contents of the package, but you're going to pick it up anyway. So what message does that send to Marvel?" The message that if they put talented people on a book with a proven track record, we're more likely to try it?

  4. Andrew C

    @Will Do we really need to continue this? I think my opinion was made clear: I find it unlikely, but not impossible. Yes the costumes are similar, but it doesn't make sense to launch a series starring Spidercide from a practical, business standpoint. He's a mostly forgotten character from the 90's with zero fans. In contrast, Ben Reilly has a huge fan-base and people have been begging Marvel to bring him back for two decades. If Reilly turns out to be Spidercide, there will be a LOT of pissed off readers. And confused ones too. Again, not impossible, but highly unlikely.

  5. Will

    This new costume reads that Bagley was given the notes of "How would Spidercide make a Scarlet Spider suit" more than "How would Ben make a new suit?" It is more than similar, it is the EXACT same color sceme.

  6. Andrew C

    @Will I understand. I already knew all that. I still find the fact his costume is similar to Spidercide to be very circumstantial evidence. Also no one wants Spidercide back, but tons of people want Ben Reilly back. There's no point to that twist, except pissing people off (but it is Marvel, soooo). Plus Ben's return was already hashed out in ASM 22. I can't imagine there's much more to say about it. I'm not saying it's impossible. Unfortunately as I watch President-elect Trump on my TV I'm reminded that nothing is impossible in this world, but I think "Ben Reilly" turning out to be Spidercide is very, very unlikely.

  7. Jam

    @ Jason. I understand your comment and maybe I am being hypocritical but I figure I'll pick it up to give it the benefit of the doubt. I have dropped the main title for over a year now because I was dissatisfied with the quality. So will have no problem dropping this new Reilly book if I feel it is not to my taste. Also not buying the book I feel marvel won't take it as fans weren't happy with their new take of the character they will see it as fans aren't that interested in Ben Reilly. So it's a hard place for fans.

  8. Will

    @Andrew C: This is from an article written by Mike/Stillanerd: Finally, there’s 2013’s “Sibling Rivalry,” a two-part crossover in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2 and Scarlet Spider Vol. 2 #20, where Doctor Octopus (as the Superior Spider-Man) and Kaine went up against the Jackal. The conclusion of this story reveals the Jackal took samples of SpOck’s and Kaine’s DNA to create “Spidercide 2.0.” As both series ended a short time afterwards, later Spider-Man comics never revisited or followed up on this bombshell. But maybe The Clone Conspiracy will? So yes, they could be writing Spidercide posing as Ben.

  9. Jason

    @ Jam "Let a book like this be for the fans. I'm going to pick it up, the creative team is a beast!." Therein lies the problem. You dislike how Marvel is presenting the contents of the package, but you're going to pick it up anyway. So what message does that send to Marvel? The fans approve. If fans are truly that disappointed, hit the company where it really hurts, in sales.

  10. Jam

    Going to use Bens return to vent a little at the frustration I have with marvel at the moment. I feel that in so many ways they go out of there way to half please fans. By that I mean they are willing to create for example a book with a married spider-man and return a much loved character but still insist on adding changes for changes sake. The new suit is unnecessary, it's in no way an improvement on either the original scarlet spider costume or my all time favourite spider-Ben costume. So why if your trying to please Ben Reilly fans who are excited to have there character back, they throw in a change of costume. In a way it feels like they are saying " remember that thing you loved, well it good enough for us to bring it back but we are going to change aspects of his personality and give him a new costume because we want it to feel like an all new idea/ our idea" I hate the line of readers don't always no what they want. But the fact of the matter is, as a Ben Reilly fan I know I want him back, I know that I want a classic costume and that I want a hero I can read about and look up to. Not a new status quo of a reformed villain. Status quo doesnt sell this series as much as the character does. Let a book like this be for the fans. I'm going to pick it up, the creative team is a beast!. But I really hope they don't abandoned the fans of this character. If he's good enough to bring back, then let what was truely loved about him shine! Not just throwing a hoodie on the costume.

  11. Borvoc

    @Evan Interesting. Of course any behavioral differences could be retconned as insanity, etc., I'm sure. @Bill. lol. Maybe we'll get lucky and this hood will get torn off soon too. I'd actually support the new suit having a hood just so that it could be torn off. Then, Ben and Gwen (and anyone else whose name ends in "en") could have a conversation about how on earth she's able to keep hers up. :P Maybe the whole Aunt June thing is a parody setup too, where it happens for an issue or two or three just for the absurdity and then goes away.

  12. Adam S.

    @Evan, here's the interview: Back around to another question from If Ben Reilly is the Jackal, where’s Miles Warren? “We’ve seen like 20 Miles Warrens,” Slott said. “All of his lackeys are Miles Warren. Right now, we’ve had the Jackal, and it’s been this way since Spider-Island,’ whenever we see him, he’s been waited on hand and foot by Miles Warren clones — and now we know that was Ben Reilly! What is going on!”

  13. Bill

    @Borvoc the ironic thing is that the hood on the original Scarlet Spider suit was actually torn off fairly early on in its existence and it was just a sleeveless sweatshirt after that.

  14. Evan

    @Borvoc Yes, Dan Slott has stated that this Ben Reilly is the Jackal that appeared in Spider-Island -- which, if true, is incredibly inconsistent, since I remember that Jackal speaking differently and having his "Hee hee"s and such, and, if false, is just a way for Dan Slott to, once again, off-handedly rile the fans on a whim. Unfortunately I cannot remember where this statement was made, though I know it was referenced in one of the reviews here at the Crawlspace. Can anyone help?

  15. Borvoc

    @Bill I was actually hoping they'd use this chance to fix the old Ben Reilly costume and bring it closer to Kaine's recent one (no hood, no stupid, pointless jacket, etc.). Instead, they give us an even more pointless hood and a stupid smile. At least they got rid of the jacket. Get rid of the hood and the smile, and I say we're improved over the original, personally. @Jason I think you've come up with the best explanation possible.

  16. Borvoc

    @Evan Wait, this Reilly Jackal guy goes all the way back to Spider Island? /head-boggles Is this what we call the Slott long game? I hope he's the same Ben Parker from the '90s for the sake of all the fans who love him.

  17. Jason

    You can see the smile because it's not a mask, but face paint. Ben paints it on each time he goes out to fight crime. It's a two-hour process, but well worth it when he's fighting bad guys.

  18. Bill

    Way to miss the entire point of the original Scarlet Spider costume Marvel. The charm of that original costume was its homemade quality. This new one looks like it was designed by Tony Stark or something. (Which is probably intentional). Why didn't they just go with the original costume?? Everybody likes that one and it would have been nice to see it in action again. But no, I forgot, anything old equals bad, and new and shiny is super kewl!!! (No matter how crappy it looks). Is it just me or has Marvel Comics totally lost touch with their characters and their audience? They don't even seem to remember what made fans like something in first place.

  19. Evan

    @Borvoc I feel the same way -- It just doesn't make sense to me. My guess, though, is that it's only these particular images in which his mouth is visible and it's not part of the costume per se. To my knowledge, though, Mark Bagley has never shown Spider-man's mouth as a means of expression, maybe it is meant to be exclusively Ben's feature -- especially given that there are two images showing his mouth and not just one. If that's the case, then...that's the last feature of his costume I would have expected. I don't mind the similarity to Spidercide's look so much -- and I have always loved the way Bagley draws Spider-man in general. I just think the hood is misplaced a bit, since the hood in his original incarnation just happened to be there as part of a makeshift costume that caught on. But all in all, I am open to see what this series has in store for us! I just hope that this Ben Reilly is a clone of the Ben Reilly that's currently in Clone Conspiracy or someone else entirely -- since that's the Ben Reilly that orchestrated Spider-Island apparently, and thus hurt Mary Jane and millions of others. Jerk.

  20. hornacek

    I too didn't notice the smile until I clicked on the images. For some reason the face with that smile reminds me of Madcap from Deadpool's Mercs For Money.

  21. Borvoc

    @Evan Oh, my. I didn't actually click on and expand the images until you said something, but goodness that smile needs to go. The idea that you could see a smile through the mask is absurd, and the image it leave is off-putting. If you can't show Ben's optimism through his action and need to resort instead to a smile pasted onto a mask, then you're doing something wrong. Then again, I guess it fits in with the illogic that a ridiculous hoodie could stay up while webslinging at high speeds. All respect to David and Bagley, but this suit is hot garbage, though it may actually be a step up from Ben's original suit, steaming mess that was too. Looking forward to seeing how this all works out. I have faith that the creative team will fix the stuff that's being complained about. Not trying to be down on the book.

  22. Evan

    I'm just thrown off by the fact that you can see Ben's smile through the costume. The hoodie was originally meant as a makeshift costume that Ben put together on the fly, right? So what is the use of it here? Just nostalgia?

  23. Ryan

    I'm signing on. PAD and Bagley and I have an idea of where the series is being set. Hood throws me off a bit but I can deal.

  24. Andrew C

    @Will There is no way PAD and Bagley are doing a Spidercide series. That's below their pay grade and no one even likes Spidercide. They wouldn't go through all this stuff to bring Ben back and give him his own top-talent series just to make him *ugh* Spidercide.

  25. Will

    I still think this is more evidence that my theory that his "Ben Reilly" is Spider-Cide pretending to be Ben. Looks and sounds like he will be acting kind of like Deadpool as well. Maybe the presence of Kaine means they are bringing back that old rivalry from The Lost Years, but this time they have swapped the good/guy bad guy roles...

  26. kaine_reilly_parker

    This costume is awful! It's like Spider-Gwen and Spider-Cide mixed in the most horrible of way. They need to give him his old costume back or give him a color swap of Kaine's or something. This is the worst spider-costume I've ever seen.

  27. Neil Bogenrieder

    The fact that Kaine's alive and in this series in some capacity automatically kills all dramatic tension for him in Clone Conspiracy. That's one of the props I've given Clone Conspiracy off the books, that Kaine has a clock and he's using it to save the world one last time. That's heroism. But with this reveal, if he's alive, then that means Slott's gonna pull some massive cop out to magically cure Kaine of his cellular degeneration, magically cure Ben Reilly of his insanity, and somehow set them up somewhere (my guess is Chicago or Houston, the former just as a wild guess while the latter has baggage attached to Kaine) That said, I'm finding it really hard to get invested already, just from the press release. The hoodie is something I ain't digging, and neither is the Aunt May stand-in. Why is she even there? And why is she called "Aunt?" She has no connection to either of them (assumedly), at least not by blood relations. I'll by the first arc to see how it goes, because David's rocked it with 2099 so far, and I love Bagley, but I'm already suffering from a rocky relationship before I've even gone on the first date with this comic.

  28. Frontier

    I can't wait to see how Zach reacts to this, or George. I mean, it's the two things George hates the most, clones and hoodies, combined together into one Spider-hero!

  29. Borvoc

    How do you keep a hood up when you're swinging through the city? I think it's a little silly. I also don't think having an Aunt May stand-in is unnecessary—why not make his circumstances completely different from Peter's default for the sake of variety? Nevertheless, I hear good things about Peter David, and I've liked some of Mark Bagley's stuff. Glad for all you Ben Reilly fans that he's back.

  30. Big John

    Pretty much "YES." to all three of you. That costume is awful (and totally made me think of Spider-Cide too!!). But, boy how-dy, I do love me some PAD, Bagley, and Ben. Leeeeet's DO THIS THING.

  31. Andrew C

    Ben AND Kaine in a series together??? In a comic written by PAD and drawn by Bagley?!? I don't care if the costume is hot garbage. All the 'yes.' It's like my greatest (comic related) dreams of the last 20 years just came true! Be still my beating heart.

  32. Symbiobro

    Excited for the series, but that is an awful costume. Who thought giving Ben Spidercide's look was a good idea?

  33. Jason

    The hood looks a bit ridiculous attached to tights. It looked a lot better when he wore the hooded sweatshirt.

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