Revisiting Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man

Revisiting Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man

Despite Spider-Man appearing in everything from Hollywood blockbusters to online slots games, it’s still in the comic books that he really comes to life. And there are few Spider-Man comic titles that can match the 1976 edition of Superman Vs The Amazing Spider-Man for storytelling intrigue or visual splendor.

What made this comic all the more fascinating was the way that it bridged the gap between Marvel and DC Comics as both had to work together to create this gripping story. The comic was created after a plans for a Spider-Man and Superman movie fell through, and rather than suffering the likes of last  year’s Batman V Superman film, fans got to rejoice in this oversize comic treat.

Interestingly, the comic doesn’t explain how the two meet, but instead the Gerry Conway story goes straight into the action as the pair take on Doctor Octopus and Lex Luthor as the villains aim to destroy the world.

The 1976 comic also includes a few memorable scenes where Superman and Spider-Man are engaged in a fight after a misunderstanding about how Lois Lane and Mary Jane Watson have mysteriously disappeared.

But above all, it’s the penciling of Ross Andru that really makes this epic story come alive. The artist had already enjoyed a growing reputation as one of the best pencillers after his efforts on the Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad comics, and he certainly rose to the challenge in this high-profile title.

Such is the legacy of Andru’s efforts that he’s defined what we all think of as the archetypal Spider-Man look in the modern era. And his influence can definitely be felt as part of the so-called Bronze Age of comics that lives on by serving as part of the inspiration for the artwork of the Super Heroes slots game at the Betsafe website that shows just how powerful this era of comics has become.

Although it wasn’t the first time that DC and Marvel had teamed together to create an era-defining comic, it did represent one of the first times that these brands realized how much attention could be gained by pooling resources in a high profile venture.


And with even legendary comic creators like Stan Lee stating how another DC and Marvel crossover would be ‘terrific’, it means that one day we could even get the very first Superman V Spider-Man slots game.


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  1. Adam S.

    @WolfCypher This was the first official crossover between Marvel and DC superheroes, but apparently both companies collaborated on the comic adaptation of The Wizard of Oz:

  2. Borvoc

    @herbiepopnecker Softcover, regular-sized version: ISBN-10: 0871358581 ISBN-13: 978-0871358585 It's the one I have.

  3. Borvoc

    I actually just read this story in my Crossover Classics The Marvel/DC Collection TPB and really enjoyed it. I've had volumes 1-4 for a year or so now but really only picked out the Batman/Spider-man crossovers for initial reading. I'm glad I went back and started re-reading the first book from the beginning, as it's been enjoyable.

  4. herbiepopnecker

    @Enigma_2099 They were oversize, but it's been reprinted in a hardcover, regular size. Of which I have a copy.

  5. AmFan15

    When I got the chance to get an autograph from Stan "The Man" at Wizard World a few years ago, THIS was the book that I got him to sign. Not only was the first REAL crossover between Marvel and DC, and not only was it one of my favorites as a kid...but it came out in 1976, the same year that I was born!

  6. herbiepopnecker

    Oh for gosh sake, forget what I said!! Obviously, I had an entirely different book in mind.

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