Podcast #453 Friday Night Venom Fight

You asked for it and here is the fight you wanted. George takes us back to 1988 to see the first fight between Spider-Man and Venom in Amazing Spider-Man #300.  JR is along for the ride and he also has a great theory on who would make a better Venom than Eddie Brock.


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(11) Comments

  1. George at Work

    Yeah I never minded the spy parents idea but it really would have worked best if, get this, Peter never knew about their work or double life.

  2. hornacek

    @AndrewC "probably the first big mistake in removing Peter from his everyman roots (unless you count making his parents spies, but I actually like that)." In defense of the spy story, it *was* written by Stan Lee, so it's not something added to Peter's past by a future writer (who are we to argue with Stan?). Plus I don't remember Peter's parents being mentioned after this story until JMD's The Child Within story, and that story only talks about his parents dying, not them being spies. I don't think the spy part is mentioned until the robot parents storyline. So it hardly ever comes up.

  3. Will

    I am partial to the ASM 375 (and 374) Venom fight because that is what got me into Spidey in the first place.

  4. Andrew C

    Good podcast, guys. Y'know I never really thought about how much of a misstep it was making MJ a "super-model", but in retrospect that was really ....... stupid. And probably the first big mistake in removing Peter from his everyman roots (unless you count making his parents spies, but I actually like that). Also, not trolling, but George really needs to get past his irrational clones/symbiotes hate. It's limiting. His Ultimate universe hate? Totally justified though.

  5. Cheesedique

    I was 8 years old when this issue came out. I vividly remember when McFarlane took over the art on ASM with #298. It was shockingly different from the Marvel house style we were used to. #300 blew me away as a kid, I probably read it dozens of times. I still have my old copy but it is very worn (but still in one piece!). This was the best appearance of Venom, and as a follow-up, #316-317 were great too. I can also say without hesitation that #300 is my favorite comic book of all time. Nice FNF! Can JR be on all of these from now on?

  6. WolfCypher

    Yeeeah...dont...dont go reaching for too much. George gave us this one. This will probably be the only one.

  7. 666andahalf

    Excellent! Now do ASM 316-317, and you'll have Venom's best fights covered. (Although 375 and Spider-Man Unlimited 2 had some good throwdowns with the character.)

  8. WolfCypher

    I've got to get to this ASAP, but I can't as of this typing. Imagine my surprise to see a Venom pic front and center on the podcast main page.

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