Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech No.002 Spider-man Review

Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech No.002 Spider-man 
Some are calling this one of the greatest spider-man figures ever created. I got him in the mail today so let us open him up and find out for ourselves
Sculpted by Yamaguchi Katsuhisa for Japanese company Revoltech’s Marvel licence. This is the second of the series after the recent release of Deadpool and soon to be followed by Venom in april.
The box this guy comes in is crazy busy. Ton’s of photo’s of the figure in various poses and comic art (looks like Stegman and Coipel ). A lot of the box is in Japanese Kanji. There is hints of English phrases for Spidey like “friendly neighbour hood spider-man” . Two that I don’t think are iconic and odd choices are “My spider sense’s never wrong!” and “ I’ve missed this and I swear I’ll never take it for granted again
The ear flaps of the box also have eater eggs to other spider-man media, ( 90’s, Amazing Films, Ultimate Cartoon)
Everything inside the box comes in a neatly divided plastic tray and cardboard insert artwork of spider-man behind it.
So the sculpt work of Spider-man is pretty basic. It is amazing in that he is actually a bunch of separate body pieces that connect together like a model kit. The suit webs are sculpted here. That is something I usually am not a fan of but its not too distracting here. Thighs are a little chunky which is a style Yamaguchi tends to go with in his sculpt but rest of him is very accurate to classic character look. I do wish he had swap out back spider as the stand plug does affect the look.
Ok so this is where the figure shines. This guy might be one of the most poseable figures I have ever owned. Let us be honest. The best spider-man figures have high articulation. This figure has so many points of articulation I am scared to count. Now if you have never handled a Revoltech figure before be warned this is not your typical action figure. The whole thing is basically limbs and torso pieces connected by movable Swivel “ball” joints. Even in weird spots like inside the torso and inside the top of the boots. Know they slide in and out so you get amazing ranges of motion out of this style. It does meant that joints don’t move as the normally would so sometimes you have to play around with the joint to get the pose you want. Particularly the shoulders don’t move back and forth like normal figure’s would. Now I actually had a stuck joint in my right shoulder but luckily he comes with spare joints! It was easy to swap out and now he works fine. Articulation makes for brilliant posing. You can easily get the McFarlane poses happening here.
There is not a lot of paint on this guy. Some on eyes and the webbing but he is mainly cast plastic. Webbing isn’t perfect but it better than most spidey figures.
If this figure wins on articulation than the close 2nd is the extras he comes with.
Flight Stand
Magnetic Stand
Figure Connects for stands (loose and pin) x2
8 hands (2x fist, 2x Wallcrawler 2x webshooting 2x trigger finger)
8 eyes (2x Normal, 2xShocked, 2x angry, 2x Squinting)
Eye removing tool
5 webs (2x swinging 2x shooting  1x Lasso )
All these pieces make for a mired of display options. Being able to swap out Peter’s eyes allows you to change up Peter’s expression in dozens of ways. Add the hands in and the display options seem infinite. It would be hard to imagine your favourite panel you couldn’t recapture here. There are two stands, one regular and one magnetic. So you are no longer limited by gravity when it comes to displaying your spidey figure.
The hands were interesting and the most limiting. The short webs only go in the shooting hands while the long only go in the fists for slinging so you can’t have Peter shooting a long web.
The oddest pieces are the Trigger finger hands (aka gun hands). As we know spidey does not carry. Now these are actually for the lasso web. Also you can use them to thread over long web to get double hand holding sling look…. But if you are curious like me he can hold the Revoltech Deadpool pistols.
All in All
This guy is Fantastic. Possibly the best spidey figure I have ever owned. He is ultimate desk toy you will constantly be reposing and changing your display. He fits in perfect to your marvel legends collection and won’t look out of place at all.  
There is a cost. Due to license rights it’s going to be hard to find this guy at US retail for those stateside. So you will probably be using importers and paying higher price or going through foreign websites and currency convergence. You are probably going to be looking at $75 USD just for this one figure. Markets are in flux so I do recommend hunting around for best price.
If you do have the means, about 18 modern comics worth, I do recommend picking this figure up. You won’t regret it. If you are on the fence keep in mind most Japanese figures only go up in value and can become very rare as they are not produced in numbers like marvel legends. So if in doubt better to buy know and sell later if you don’t wont it or he could end up costing you a lot more than 75

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  1. Enigma_2099

    You'd have to be a fan of Revoltech to truly appreciate what his figure does. And yeah, the figure looks Japanese... it's part of a Japanese toyline.

  2. Symbiobro

    I dunno. I wouldn't mind having it, and that articulation is really awesome, but there's too much that bugs me about it to justify spending that much. The joints look really awkward in a lot of angles, I've never really been a fan of the molded webbing, and it overall just looks really Japanese. Can't say particularly like any of those eyes either. So while it seems like a nice figure, I'm probably gonna pass on it.

  3. Enigma_2099

    He's definitely on the list. Beautiful little monster, ain't he? And I see you got the Deadpool too... nice.

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