December 2016 Sales Figures

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Apologies for the delay in getting this up here, it just took me a while to get use to the 55% drop of Renew Your Vows #2 compared to issue #1. But thanks to Ryan Stegman, who assured me that a sales figure of 43,128 means it’s a stable title, and while I’m happy hear that, it still irks me. But I digress, it’s still a great book, I highly recommend everyone to put it on their pull list, and I still have hope it will be around for a long long time to come.


Title#Est SalesPrev IssuePrev Issue
Est Sales


1Justice League/Suicide Squad (2016)1179,643***
2IvX (2016)1167,703084,181+83,521
3Dark Knight III: The Master Race (2015)7119,1146151,148-32,035
4Batman (2016)12111,39111116,690-5,299
5Batman (2016)13108,40712111,391-2,984
6Civil War II (2016)8105,6587116,447-10,789
7Star Wars (2015)26104,5632575,234+29,329
8Star Wars: Doctor Aphra (2016)199,067***
9Hulk (2016)189,810***
10All Star Batman (2016)587,422499,064-11,642
13Invincible Iron Man (2016)281,271197,713-16,443
22Amazing Spider-Man (2015)2263,3592163,052+307
31Clone Conspiracy (2016)356,117258,921-2,804
43Champions (2016)347,481249,733-2,253
48Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016)1243,9371151,278-7,341
50Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (2016)243,128196,111-52,983
58Spider-Man (2016)1040,006939,701+305
67Venom (2016)238,043190,138-52,095
73Deadpool: Back in Black (2016)536,893433,457+3,436
75Spider-Man (2016)1135,8651040,006-4,141
81Gwenpool’s Merry Mix Up (2016) Holiday Special133,240***
100Spider-Gwen (2015b)1527,8981428,906-1,008
121Gwenpool (2015)920,031824,395-4,364
128Silk (2015b)1518,1121418,987-876
129Spider-Man 2099 (2015)1818,0531719,271-1,218
137Power Man and Iron Fist (2016) (Black Cat)1117,0781019,934-2,856
155Spider-Woman (2015)1414,2321316,386-2,154
159Prowler (2016)313,399217,617-4,219
204Patsy Walker Aka Hellcat (2015) (Black Cat)138,536129,181-646
213Solo (2016)38,158212,723-4,566



Qty Rank

TitleEst Sales

Total Reported 
Est Sales

1Love Is Love9,6599,659
2Batman v9: Bloom5,1685,168
3Descender v3: Singularities5,0205,020
4Wolverine Old Man Logan4,87767,325
5I Hate Fairyland v2: Fluff My Life4,8154,815
6Invincible Iron Man v1: Reboot4,3989,986
7Star Wars Poe Dameron v1: Black Squadron4,2564,256
8Doctor Strange v1: Way Of Weird4,1644,164
9Batman v10: Epilogue4,1494,149
10Black Science v5: True Atonement4,1224,122
18Spider-Gwen v2: Weapon Of Choice2,8482,848
22Venom By Rick Remender v12,6507,928
29Superior Spider-Man v1: My Own Worst Enemy (Now)2,46320,328
61Spider-Man Kravens Last Hunt1,5965,353
62Silk v2: Negative1,5631,563
67Amazing Spider-Man v181,4801,480
69Amazing Spider-Man v1: Parker Luck1,38314,238
77Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Great Responsibility1,3001,300
79Spidey Special v2: After School1,2761,276
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