Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man Returns With Kubert & Zdarsky

Via Entertainment Weekly, Marvel is announcing a new Spider-Man title with the return (relaunch? reboot? re-wtf-ever?) of Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, from Adam Kubert and writer Chip Zdarsky. It will premiere on Free Comic Book Day and then begin in June.

From Zdarsky via EW (in which EW assumes that fans are clamoring for a ‘return to the wall-crawler’s down-on-his-luck days’) :

The main book, Amazing Spider-Man, has kept things fresh by stretching the character and his situation. It’s still classic Spider-Man at its core, but transposed into new settings. With this book, we’re using the same Spider-Man in-continuity but shifting the spotlight back to his NYC environment and supporting cast.

Peter could get a new job, a new girlfriend, but Spider-Man is accused of a crime and is public enemy number one. That’s the fun of Spider-Man, you’re playing with the outside perception of two characters.

I’m also introducing Rebecca London, a recent transplant to NYC looking to have a career in stand-up comedy. Spider-Man, not Peter, is the only person she’s managed to meet since arriving in the city, so they strike up a friendship and … possible love connection?

We now  have the name of the next Carlie Cooper.  But on the upswing, Zdarsky does claim to be a fan of stories like Firelord from the 80’s, so… who knows. What do you think?

Hat tip to Mohammed Jaafar!

–George Berryman!

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  1. Crime Master

    It sounds like this is going to be a step towards the Spider-Man I actually want to read about. At the same time, the Rebecca London character sounds pretty asinine in both concept and name to the point that I honestly thought it was a joke at first.

  2. Enigma_2099

    "I’m also introducing Rebecca London, a recent transplant to NYC looking to have a career in stand-up comedy. Spider-Man, not Peter, is the only person she’s managed to meet since arriving in the city, so they strike up a friendship and … possible love connection?" OH FOR F***'S SAKE!!!! I may not be reading RYV, but at least he's with the right woman in that one!

  3. Borvoc

    Jack: I wonder if Mr. Slott will ever get tired of writing Spider-Man and choose to move on to something else. Al: That makes a lot of sense, and I agree completely. Hopefully this new project isn't tied entirely to Mr. Zdarsky; that way, if he doesn't work out for the book or if he gets tired of it, another writer can step in and continue to give us a different take on the webslinger. What I'd like to see is a return to a more grounded and moral Peter Parker instead of the aloof, ungrounded character we've been getting whose romantic life is less about commitment and more about variety and drama. I'd also like to have less leftism pushed on me, but that may be unlikely, seeing as how the comic industry tends to lean that way.

  4. Al

    I'll say for this what I've said for every incoming writer since at least 2008. They need to be properly auditioned. Zdarsky has never to my knowledge written a straight Spider-Man story. How do we, Marvel or even himself really know if he has the right skillset for the character? From what I've seen of his other work that doesn't seem to be the case at all. But that might just be the nature of the projects. Which is why they need to just give incoming writers like a one shot, or point one issue or a mini or something, just to test them out.

  5. Jack

    Slott wants to keep on with ASM, hanging on it with both arms and both legs, and they're all spider-bros up there, so the execs have to create a new title. And MJ isn't in it because the egos of TPTB are *still* driven by the goal of Proving To The Fans That They Don't Know What's Best. DC restores Lois Lane to Clark Kent and their fans all cheer, but Alonso, Slott, & Brevoort "know" MJ is yesterday's old scraps.

  6. Borvoc

    Two thoughts: 1. Why do we need another love interest? 2. What does this mean for Miles Morales? Wasn't he supposed to be the one taking over the NY beat with Spidey's classic villains?

  7. Mario

    cockroach, cockroach that's what's on spidey's broach it glows green like an xbox why does it? it really sucks its cool! nope. there goes the spider roach up next is his back, spidey got bit by a tick that's fat is it a spider no its not its a tick on his back its cool, nope there comes the spider tick! why, oh my, must spidey fans always suffer is he tony stark, what every happend to my peter parker. spiderman, spiderman been sucking since ONE MORE DAY Making deals with mephisto, to save old, old, old aunt may. looookout there goes the spiderman, wearing his high socks ruined since queseda nothing beats renew your vows there goes the spiderman!!!

  8. Symbiobro

    @George Berryman I haven't really read Zdarsky's Howard series, but I liked what little I saw from it, and I've somewhat enjoyed his Star Lord and Sex criminals. Most of my happiness isn't about Zdarsky. I know he can do humor, but there's a lot of writers I would've chosen before him. I'm mostly just happy with the fact that it's not Slott.

  9. Nitemice

    The comments here are so predictable. ;P That said, with Zdarsky writing, I reckon this shows a lot of promise, especially for bringing some more humor back. At this stage I think it's pretty unrealistic to think Marvel will ever roll back "Brand New Day", but I think this, along with "Renew Your Vows"'s ongoing, shows that Marvel are genuinely interested and listening to what the 'true-believer' community are saying. I don't think they'll ever totally undo what they did, but I definitely think the good-old-days aren't too far out of reach, in one form or another. Seeing as Zdarsky is writing, another thing that many people here probably wouldn't like that could be just around the corner is a Squirrel Girl crossover. North (who writes Squirrel Girl, and injects lots of CompSci humor, just FYI) and Zdarsky have collaborated multiple times before, so I think it's very much on the books. P.S. Squirrel Girl is awesome. Long Live Squirrel Girl!

  10. Stuart Green

    No mention of undoing "One More Day", so therefore, I don't care. I don't want a Carlie Cooper 2.0 love interest for Peter. I want the Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson-Parker marriage back in continuity where it belongs and for Spidey to give Mephisto a punch to the jaw for giving us such a lousy 9+ years. I want the Spidey and MJ we lost when "One More Day" happened. I'll stick with "Renew Your Vows", thank you very much.

  11. PartyHardy

    Don't get your hopes up, don't get your hopes up, don't get your hopes up--too late. I'm excited for this! Hopefully it delivers on its promise. Fingers crossed!!!

  12. Symbiobro

    I'm super happy with this. I've enjoyed some of Zdarsky's stuff in the past, and while I'm not thrilled at the idea of a new girlfriend, it could always just be a red herring. It says she meets Spider-Man, not Peter Parker, so it'd be hard for him to get her to love both. And besides, if I was able to make it through all of brand new day with Carlie, I can make it through this. I'm just so desperate for a non-Slott Spider-Man book that I'm willing to give this a shot.

  13. WolfCypher

    @Mario Hey at least the spider isnt glowing hot Xbox green. That's saved for the special retailer variant. Retailers! Order 900,000 issues months in advance with a no-return no-refund policy, in addition with re-shipments of copies of Solo we couldnt sell, go fuck your selves, and you TOO can have the glowing green spider variant!

  14. WolfCypher

    Hey, can Peter NOT have another temporary stand-in girlfriend-of-the-moment he wont go anywhere with because if a long term relationship is possible with this character why did Mary Jane have to go the fuck away?

  15. Mario

    they cant get rid of that ugly costume wiht the roach logo..... just undo one more day marvel.. pleaseeeeeeee

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