Marvel Replaces Bad New Costume With Bad Original Costume

In a rare “Yeah okay, we f’d up” moment of truth, Marvel has acknowledged the flack over the re-designed clone costume being featured in Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #1.

Via Newsarama, Mark Bagley has redrawn the original image (which drew widespread LOL comments across the web) to switch it out in favor of Ben Reilly’s equally bad original costume. They also explain that Marvel says the costume change back to the hoodie is story driven and will be complete by the end of the first arc.

Ben Reilly’s clone will be sifting his way back to you one grain at a time starting in April.

Hat Tip to Mohammed Jaafar!

–George Berryman!

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  1. Enigma_2099

    HOODIE. That is all. Now what about that thing they're calling Ben Reilly wearing it. I know people have managed to repair Slott's broken Silk character, but DAMN...

  2. Your scarlet

    Sure it might be gloriously 90s, but the suit is still great IMO, also thought Ben Reillys spider man costume was superior too (shock horror)

  3. Frontier

    I wonder what this means about the original costume given how quickly they're back-tracking to the old suit? Is Ben just genuinely re-committing to be like his old self again or could there actually be two Scarlet Spiders (not counting Kaine)? And, while I may be off on my timing, I feel like this might run close to when Brock gets the Symbiote back in the Venom book. Could this have all been planned out?

  4. tnr105

    It's an improvement over the initial costume, but I won't lie; the hoodie is dated. Personally, I think the design that was made for Kevin's Crawlspace series a few years back was pretty damn good. Sort of a hybrid between the hoodie and the Spider-Ben look.

  5. Crime Master

    @AI - Tweaking the new costume into something less laughable would've probably been a better idea to be honest, though I guess the backlash was so great that they decided to just go all the way with resurrecting the original for the easy fan-service.

  6. Al

    In a way though, whilst he will look better, if he's the same person as from the Clone Conspiracy maybe giving him a new costume unrecognizable of Ben was appropriate. That way we could easily point to him and say, "So this si Ben Reilly, this is Kaine, this is Spidercide and oh yeah and there is that clone too" BTW, I made it a POINT at work to hammer in that this guy is a clone of Ben Reilly and not the genuine Ben

  7. Adam S.

    I like the original Scarlet Spider outfit. Its simplicity is what makes it attractive. I'd say the ankle pouches are the worst thing about it.

  8. George Berryman - Post author

    "I realize that I'm making you throw up in your mouth right now, George, and despite being my favorite Crawlspacer I just can't seem to care right now cuz happiness :)" Oh I just tease with all that stuff. I mean I don't like Ben Reilly or the Clone Years (and that's an extreme understatement) but I'm glad you guys have your favorite bag of flour back! Heh!

  9. Borvoc

    George, your title alone sums up my exact feelings on the matter. I was hoping they'd take the opportunity to improve on the suit, possibly drawing inspiration from the suit Kaine wore in his most recent ongoing (not that I read it). A spider-person's suit makes the most sense when it's skintight. The jacket and the hoodie are both silly-looking and would just get in the way.

  10. Big John

    "sifting his way back one grain at a time" lmao! For real though, I am in 90's fanboy heaven right now. Brock's going to be Venom again! BEN's back! With Peter David, Mark Bagley, and his original suit!?!?! *nerd squeek* I realize that I'm making you throw up in your mouth right now, George, and despite being my favorite Crawlspacer I just can't seem to care right now cuz happiness :) I can't wait to see/hear Zach's reaction!

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