Miles Morales coming to the big screen in 2018!

Miles Morales, far and away the best thing to come out of the latter half of the Ultimate universe line of books, has now hit the big time. Several days ago, tweets sent by the Sony Pictures twitter account, confirmed that the Sony Animated feature film would not feature Peter Parker, but Miles Morales.

For fans of Miles, this is a welcome sight. Many online clamored for him to be the Spider-Man in the Marvel Cenematic Universe, and were disappointed that it wasn’t seen to fruition. Perhaps this lessens the sting. Miles was previously featured in the Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors 3rd season of that cartoon, and was a regular on the fourth and final season of the cartoon, titled Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister Six. (Though he was called Kid Arancid instead of Spider-Man) while it’s not expected that they will follow anything there, I’m looking forward for all the Miles fans out there to see it.

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