Toy Fair 2017: Marvel Legends Revealed!

Hello all!
Eddie and I are the resident Marvel Legends Fans here on Crawl Space, and we are excited to see this years newest waves of figures coming out. I’ve collected a bunch of Marvel Legends figures over the years, and I’m pretty stoked over the latest developments.
The last time Marvel had a movie out, two figures from the Movie were produced: The Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man, and the Marvel’s Electro (We swear its not Mr. Freeze and you need to…chill). Since then, we have seen wave after wave after wave. Spidey always has a headline figure, from the ASM toy, to the Pizza Slice Spidey, (Which was originally labeled ALL NEW MARVEL NOW and modeled after Giuseppe Camuncoli’s  artwork, to Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly’s actual Scarlet Spider costume, not that Spidercide inspired new thing.) to Spider-Ben (WITH SPIDER CARNAGE HEAD SWAP) to finally in this latest wave, Black Symbiote Spidey. Since this renaissance of new figures, the 3.75″ scale has been renamed Legends, to go along with it’s 6 inch cousins, and added a 12″ line up as well. Also, replica Props have invaded, and you can get a Captain America Shield to hang up like Stephen Colbert, or you can get a Iron Man head and wonder how Robert Downey Jr. Spends his hundreds of our hard earned Disney bucks. Needless to say, a lot has happened over the years, and it’s awesome. New York Toy Fair and SDCC are always the places where we see new figures, and Toy Fair was this weekend! So, without further ado, here’s the line up after the jump:I’m going to cover the entire presentation of Legends that where discussed this weekend, but of course since we are a Spider-Man Website, we must discuss the primary reason  you are here: Spidey! Given that Homecoming is comeing out this year, and two other Marvel Movies are coming out, the waves for 2017 are focused on producing hype for those flims. The great thing that Hasbro has done, however is to mix in Comic influences to round out the various waves. The fact this though that you need a check list of figures, and where they are going to be sold. Its different in each location, and If they aren’t in the exclusives section, they are widely available. Otherwise, they will be indicated as to where they are at in various posts. But first things first: Let’s talk of the already released wave of current figures:
Green Goblin
Spidey 2099 (new suit)
Black Suit Spidey
Ms. Marvel
Captain Britain Spidey
BAF: Sandman
Zach’s Thoughts: This wave brought me a Green Goblin, a Jackal, Shocker, and Black suit. Cap. Brit guy is my least favorite and I’m not a giant fan of the new Ms. Marvel. But the Sandman looks awesome, and so it’s a high pick up for me.

This year’s Wave 7 (likely late Summer)
-Captain Universe Spidey
-Homecoming Spidey with Web Wings
-Homecoming Vulture
-Homecoming Homemade costume (with Hoodie)
-Classic Beetle
-Tombstone (80s and 90s look)
-Moon Knight
BAF: Vulture’s wings?

Zach’s Thoughts: Seeing this now, it’s a pretty good wave. We should expect this from Hasbro at this point. Most of the wave is something that I like, from Tombstone, who always was one of my favorite B list villains, to Captain Universe Spidey, which has two head swaps: Non-Spidey Captain Universe, and Bearded Peter Parker. (which will forever become my substitute for Seaward Trainer, with the Chameleon figure) Moon Knight is an interesting choice of an Ally, and No female figure in the main wave, which is unlike Hasbro.  We had seen the Homecoming figures of Vulture, Homemade-We-Swear-It’s-Not-The-Scarlet-Spider Spidey, and Web Wings, and Beetle is… different. The Vulture’s wings look massive, but I’m kinda upset that you need to get the entire line to build it. It doesn’t make sense to me and I’m very disappointed.  Also, I’m very surprised there isn’t an Overdrive figure yet. The only reason one would want one is so one could complete the Superior Foes of Spider-Man. Oh well. Maybe next go around. Also, the Homecoming figure with web wings looks like it has two heads: Ditko-era eyes and classic Romita-eyes.

Hasbro also will be releasing several Two Packs. These two packs include:
Mary Jane (!!) and Current Parker Industries Spidey (6 inch)
Iron Man and Spider-Man Homecoming (6 inch)
Spider-Man and the Vulture (Ultimate versions)
Spider-Man and the Vulture (Homecoming 3.75 inch)
Spider-Man and the Shocker (Homecoming 3.75 Inch)

Zach’s Thoughts: Yes, I know the one thing that has everyone screaming bloody murder is that MJ is packaged with Parker Industries-era Peter Parker, complete with Glow-Stick chest emblem and eyes. I get it. I really do. I also get that annoying factor of Iron Man and Peter Parker being together, complete with Ultimate Iron Man paint job, and head swap of Peter Parker unmasked. I get it too. I’d like to have seen the head swap with the actual homecoming figure.
Now, Walmart will have the Homecoming 6 inch figure and TRU is going to have another. But I’ve not been able to find confrimation on those. However, I will be going through more of the exclusives here shortly.


Walmart is getting the USM Vluture and Spidey 2-Pack, and it looks like (although it wasn’t announced this weekend, Strangely) that Black Panther from the Comics, to go with Bucky and Falcon from Captain America: Civil War.

Target is getting the 12 inch Scarlet Spider  Black Suit Spidey, while Thor, Hulk and Deadpool are going out to other spots. is getting the Sinister Six, complete with Sandman, Vulture, Doc Ock, Spidey, Mysterio, Kraven, and Electro. These are modeled after the 5 inch pack that Toy Biz released nearly a dozen years ago, and will have retro packaging. These are in the 3.75 variety, and will be coming your way soon. If you collect the small scale figures, this is pretty freaking sweet.

Walgreens will be your home for Fantastic Four Marvel Legends, with Susan Storm and her Brother Johnny being the two which you can buy. Sue comes with HERBIE, and Johnny doesn’t come with any accessories that we know of yet. This follows Namor that you may still see on the shelf with Walgreens currently, following Punisher, Agent Venom, the aforementioned Namor, The Yellow Suit Era Daredevil (with swap head that looks sweet with the business suit mold) and An Ant Man Variant.

Toys R Us has a new version of Groot, which is a similar build to the Build-A-Figure from the Guardians of the Galaxy Wave that came out with the first movie, and Will be the home of the MJ and Spidey 2-Pack. They also get the Dark Phoenix and Cyclops 2-Pack. They also get the A-Force Box Set of 6 figures. (Including She Hulk, and She-Loki among others)


A wave that consists of the Netflix Series characters is being released. Two of them were teased at SDCC 2016, and two more were revealed this weekend.
-Daredevil (season 2 Costume)
-Jessica Jones

While not pictured, it is pretty safe to say that Luke Cage and Iron Fist will be coming soon. I’ll bet they announce it at SDCC.

Finally, They Previewed Thor: Ragnarok and a new wave of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 figures.

-Adam Warlock
-Ex Nilo
-Deaths Head II
-Rocket Raccoon
BAF is Mantis.

Zach’s Thoughts: I like most of these figures. Star Lord and Ego is different than the main figure as the main figure has the long coat and scarf, the 2-Pack doesn’t, and the comic figures do justice to the Cosmic side of the MU. Rocket also comes with a Baby Groot which has a Costume, and an Alternate head. Ego is spoiled in this figure, and comes with a swap head. Also Adam Warlock has a Magus swap head.


While there wasn’t much revealed, there were three things: Hulk and Thor were getting the 12 inch treatment, along with Deadpool, and that the Jane Foster Thor was getting a 6 inch Legend. The rest of the wave will be announced later this year and I’m going to assume that it’ll be announced closer to the release date, like say, SDCC 2018. I’m also including two things that caught my eye: a 3.75 inch 2099 and Hydra Cap.
So Star Lord and Thor’s hammer follows a year after Cap’s Shield and Tony’s helmet were sold. Star Lord’s helmet has bluetooth that enables you to listen to Hooked on a Feelin’ while wearing it with your phone and Thor’s hammer glows and responds when you ask who is worthy.

That wraps this up today, BIG thank you to MarvelousNews and MarvelToy News for the images and for their reporting. Great sites, both for Marvel toy news.


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  1. Symbiobro

    "Eddie and I are the resident Marvel Legends Fans here on Crawl Space" Zach, you wound me. I realize I'm a new reviewer here, but have you seen my posts in the toy forum? C'mon! Definitely getting the whole Spidey movie wave. I've never been too big of a fan of classic Vulture, but the movie Vulture looks awesome with those huge wings. Very menacing. Captain Universe Spidey is the one I'm most looking forward to, and the two extra heads are awesome. Been wanting a Moon Knight for awhile as well. Beetle is my biggest surprise, and I kind of love how he looks. Don't care about the Iron Man 2 pack because all that I'll get extra is a Tom Holland head, and I don't need that. Don't care about the comic Vulture either because it looks like it's based on Ultimate Vulture, and I already have the Ultimate Spider-Man figure. Very excited to get the MJ two pack, and while I hate the glowy bits on the current Spidey costume, I appreciate them not just reusing the pizza Spidey figure (though mine got damaged recently, and I would have liked to have a reason to get another one). Hopefully it comes with an adult Peter Parker head. Never got the 12 inch Spidey, but I might be tempted to pick up the Black suit one, though it is a bit pricey for a Canadian. In non Spidey related figures, I'm not getting a whole lot. Adam Warlock is the only one I really need, so it upsets me that Mantis is the BAF. I wanted her and would've taken the movie version if they're not gonna make a comic one, but now I don't think it's worth it. The A Force box kind of upsets me because if I want to get Monica and Elsa for a nextwave set, I;ll have to spend a ton of money on other figures I don't really need. The Star Lord mask is extremely tempting as well. Maybe it will go down in price like the Iron Man Helmet has. You also forgot to mention that they announced a Deadpool Legends wave and a Squirrel girl figure. Anyway, I'm very excited, though I'd be more excited for when they finally announce Mania and Overdrive figures. A Mysterio would be nice as well, and I suspect we'll see him pretty soon.

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