Silk #17 Review (Spoilers)

Both Silk and The Clone Conspiracy wrapped last week. Both had weak endings to their arcs, but let me know in the comments which one you thought was the stronger of the two?

Silk 17: What Heroes Do

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Artist: Irene Strychalski

Colorist: Ian Herring

Letterer: Travis Lanham

C.Artist: Helen Chen

Editors: Nick Lowe & Devin Lewis & Allison Stock

Editor-In-Chief: Axel Alonso

Some Zombie Invasion We’re Having, Huh: Our story kicks off with Ben Reilly hijacking Jonah Jameson’s broadcast so he can spread the signal that will turn New U’s reanimates into Carrion zombies. Marla Jameson begins to die in Jonah’s arms, while Cindy Moon and Mattie Franklin use the signal to stop a rogue Hector Cervantez within Haven. Mattie begins to deteriorate as well and Hector’s ghost is able to escape the decaying body Otto Octavius put him in. The trio of heroes try to stop the signal from spreading, but are unable to. Peter Parker (as Spider-Man) arrives with Anna Marconi. Silk and Mattie buy Peter time to fix things and Mattie saves Silk’s life, dying in the process. The issue ends with Peter saving the day and the heroes left to mourn those who died. 

Good To See You Too, Mattie: I am curious if Robbie Thompson was forced into telling this story, because his heart really did not seem to be in. And if editorial made him, then why not make Silk a more important part of The Clone Conspiracy? Spider-Gwen had a larger role than Silk and her comic did not tie in. Silk is absent from May’s solicits, which is how Spider-Woman found its way out the door (although Silk is still selling 20K in January, which is far from normal Marvel cancellation numbers.) Now that she is appearing in other people’s comics, is Marvel wondering why she needs her own? Robbie Thompson makes a weak argument with this story line (and issue) for a continuing series, which is shame because Silk is a wonderful character. Her series has just lost its way recently.

But lets talk about the comic itself.  I was  wrong about Hector dying. And I am disappointed about that, because there is no real consequence to this story line and the hints were there for his death, so it was just misdirection with no payoff. This story line adds next to nothing to Cindy’s story and as evident in this issue, Cindy had no reason to be a part of this story; it’s Peter and Anna who save the day. This story is just Cindy running away from the stories I want to read; her struggles with her anxieties, her reunion with her family, and her making her own way through the Marvel Universe. This story seems more about Jonah, but we get no hint at what Jonah will be like in the aftermath of losing his wife and adopted daughter yet again. In fact, no plot is given resolutions here, which makes it an excellent tie-in to the equally unimpressive The Clone Conspiracy #5. The events of this title does not gel properly with the main story either. My favorite moment in this comic is a quick exchange between Mattie and Peter, which does not fit into the way the scene unfolded in the main event. 

Thank God for Irene Strychalski, she carries this title through all the pointless dialogue and actions. Her Spider-Man does not reflect the way he looks in the main event either, but all the web shooting super-heroics of this issue are well drawn. The hits in this issue look like they hurt and her Silk looks fantastic. Unfortunately, the powerful but static colors that usually give this book a unique feel amongst the Spider-titles just feels random in this issue. 

Verdict: Nothing comes to a conclusion in this concluding chapter of Cindy’s Clone Conspiracy comic.  Nothing of importance is shown or said here that the audience did not already know. Cindy Moon’s adventures have been derailed by an event that had no need for her, nor delivered any real impact on her life. The solicitations for next issue said Cindy would find heartbreak in this event, but did she? She barely knew Mattie and she did not lose her love, Hector. Jonah is the one experiencing heartbreak,  which leaves me excited to see what is next for ol’ Picklepuss. And I am excited to have Cindy return to her own life. 


  • Strychalski’s Art
  • Jonah’s loss


  • No sense of conclusion
  • Adds nothing to Cindy’s story
  • Does not fit properly with main event
  • Nothing really happens

Issue: D-

Arc: D