Happy Birthday Brad “Big Poppa” Douglas!

Semi-Benevolent Crawlspace Overlord Brad Douglas turns 42 years young today. And by “young” I mean “eight years away from Fifty.”

It’s been a big year for Brad. He’s changed careers after almost two decades as a trusted name in news (a dying breed in these trying times) and he’s now helping a new generation learn the ropes of production and broadcasting.

On a personal note, Brad’s one of the nicer guys I’ve ever met, especially “on the Internet.” Meeting him five years ago and seeing his Spider-Cave was a blast and I hope to repeat it again someday.

So Happy Birthday, BD! And thanks for making the #1 Spider-Man shrine on the Interwebs! I share this pic I made for his birthday a few years back because I didn’t have time to make a new one today. Doh!

–George Berryman!