Spider-man / Deadpool #14 Review

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  1. Hub Pie

    I feel what makes Peter's out of character behavior work in this book is that we know he doesn't want to kill Itsy-Bitsy. If this were in the hands of a bad writer (like Dan Slott), he would make Peter a robotic fool who has no emotional or personal connection with the audience. Here, Joe Kelly puts Spider-Man in a tough place: When is it right to actually take a life? This exact question was asked in Maximum Carnage, but unlike that story, this story seems to be going through with asking that question instead of just using that question for flavor and nothing else. Itsy-Bitsy's been killing in both Spider-Man's and Deadpool's name, and having someone kill in your name must be pretty agonizing and demoralizing. I really felt a personal and emotional connection with Peter in this issue, and that's something the main book has not given me for a while now. I don't think OMD's gonna be retconned any time soon, but the idea of being so close to Mephisto in this story really does give me that inkling of hope.

  2. Webhead_99

    @Jack seems t'me like the "Make me remember" thing was actually retconned by OMIT's reveal. At least, I think Kelly would run with the latter. https://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/01/21/what-did-mary-jane-watson-really-say-to-mephisto/

  3. Jack

    @Webhead: That would work. Of course, Marvel doesn't care what MJ really was supposed to have said, that's why they blurred it over. If they ever address it, they'll just make up something that they think suits a short-range goal, and claim that was what she said. However, I seem to remember someone reverse-decoding the text, and it said, "Let me remember."

  4. Webhead_99

    @Jack It's possible that, since Deadpool killed Peter, Mephisto is abusing an exact-words loophole in the deal. Parker was supposed to get a chance at a happy life -given he died, no matter how briefly, his life, and therefore his chance, were up, no?

  5. Jack

    Doesn't this mean that MJ did /not/ whisper to Mephisto, "And you leave Peter alone"? Because if Mephisto is messing with Peter, then he is definitely not "leaving Peter alone."

  6. Sano

    Loved it. I gathered it was Mephisto working with Weasel too. I love how the book has been gearing towards the promise of reversing OMD. I know it probably won't happen, but hope is fun.

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