Happy Birthday, Michael Bailey!

“Truth, Justice and the Bailey Way!”

Today two-time Ti Kwan Leep world champion and comics podcaster Michael Bailey (aka Me 2 Hawny, aka Lil’ Boom Tube, aka Notorious KAL, aka Kryptomite) is thirty plus eleven years old!

Michael Bailey is a special friend to those of us at the site. There aren’t too many people I’d drive hours out of the way through traffic to meet for fifteen minutes, but Bailey is one of them. You’d be hard pressed to meet a nicer guy or a better friend. Happy Birthday, Bailey!

For those of you who have been missing your Spider-related Bailey Fix, your sweet tooth can be placated by listening to Bailey along with the rest of the Crawlspace Staff on last year’s Staff Spider-Jeopardy!

Take a moment to wish him a Happy Birthday as we celebrate all things Bailey today!

–George Berryman!

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