Podcast #460-New Spec Book, Old Ben Suit Back, Spider-Art Thief, Holland Burns Spidey

The Spider-Panel tackles several news items in this episode. The topics include:
*A new Spectacular Spider-Man book is coming soon.
*Ben Reilly’s new suit won’t last long and he’s going back to the original hoodie.
*Venom is going to original numbering
*Spider-Man art thief.
*Popularity of Spider-Man and Elsa YouTube videos.
*Dan Slott comments on Spider-Marriage.
*New Spider-Man Marvel Legends.
*Ashley Visits the Florida Spider-Man ride.
*Tom Holland burns his Avengers script.
*Shocker set pictures from Spider-Man: Homecoming.
*Ditko News

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  1. Melissa Scott

    The ministry joke went over my head but it's better than being compared to Steve Carell. Is it Jorge or George? You signed Jorge but the username says George. You can call it a joke if you want, but I think you are pretending it is something that it isn't. This wasn't some abstract comment. You made a statement. You said reviewers who have never read Stan and Steve are saying it's better than Stan and Steve. Where are you getting the information that they have never read Stan and Steve? Did they tell you this? Who are the reviewers? Even Brad said "They never even read Stan and Steve". You can call it a joke. I call it a lie.

  2. George Berryman

    Melissa Scott - not sure what you mean by "Brad even got mad about it." He actually laughs at it when I say it (after 35:45 in.) I'm not using an exact quote when I say it; I'm generalizing and making fun of it. I had thought was self-evident by me using a goofy, clueless voice for that line. I wasn't making a claim; I was making a joke. I'll also continue to do it. The "Stan and Steve" thing goes back, if I recall, to reviews that had come out for Slott's Brand New Day stuff. Since then I've often used the "Stan and Steve" line to refer to reviews where the reviewer clearly has idea what they're talking about, perhaps (maybe even probably) due to a lack of familiarity with the characters and their history. I also jokingly throw out the "Stan and Steve" thing sometimes when we're discussing a servile review which gives the work far more praise than it deserves, ultimately sounding obsequious. So when I deem its use to be appropriate and relevant, I'll continue to reference the "Stan and Steve" thing. On a side note - how is your ministry going? My father used to watch your late husband on TV. --Jorge de Berryman!

  3. Melissa Scott

    I will donate 100 dollars to the website if Jorge can back up his claim that website reviewers who have never read Stan and Steve are calling Slott "the best thing since Stan and Steve". I have a feeling I will be keeping my 100 dollars because the claim was made up. Brad even got mad about it. Riling Brad up with fake news. Shake my head

  4. Sean

    Bit of info on one thing: Lupin III is indeed an anime character but he is meant to be the descendant of Arsene Lupin, who was a gentleman thief from french literature who I believe was probably the one actually being referenced there.

  5. George Berryman

    After the way Disney laid off their employees for H1B labor from overseas- and made their laid off employees train their H1B replacements - I'd never work for Disney Corporate. Not ever.

  6. MacFrankenstein

    I read this article this morning on the Hollywood Reporter site and I thought about Ashley's Spidey's Helper/Black Cat gaffe story: Disney Pays $3.8M for Violating Minimum Wage Rules (http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/disney-pays-38m-violating-minimum-wage-rules-987174) Now, I've heard the stories and watched the documentaries about how Disney parks are an exercise in enforced perfection...but if the company is that parsimonious about costumes, will there be holes in the character continuity tutorials at Disney (or another park), instead of the performance that George suggests? Or would the employees give a damn? One summer, I worked and lived on site at a mid-size amusement part, and no, it wasn't that fun--it was more of a state of low-pay humiliation and threat, fortunately, punctuated by good moments with my future wife; I would not encourage anyone to work in one of these parks. Assuming the Spidey's Helper that Ashley encountered wasn't trolling her about Black Cat/Storm, I think she ran into one of the good guys...

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