Sony Goes For Hail Mary, Announces ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’ Movies

Now that they believe Marvel Studios has righted the Spider-ship for them with the upcoming ‘Iron Man 4: Spider-Man Homecoming,’ Sony has decided to once again announce a Venom spinoff film as well as a Silver Sable/Black Cat movie.

Sony previously announced a Venom movie when they thought Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 wouldn’t be a dumpster fire, however after it was they dialed back their ambition. But this time they really really mean it! At first Alex Kurtzman was rumored to be the director, but Kurtzman’s camp said that was news to them. So no one knows really. If it actually happens this time, it’s apparently going to be produced by Avi “You’ll never be rid of me, Amy Pascal!” Arad and Matt Tolmach.

Back in those halcyon pre-North Korean hacker days of Sony thinking ASM2 wouldn’t be a disappointment, they were thinking of a Silver Sable film – a script was even written by Lisa Joy, who is a favorite of Amy Pascal. This time around the script will be written by Chris ‘New Warriors‘ Yost (who, in fairness, also wrote Thor: The Dark World and the upcoming Thor: Hulk Homecoming Ragnarok.) Pascal and Matt Tolmach are set to produce and are currently looking for a director.

Still way too early for casting rumors, but that won’t stop the clickbait sites. Just wait a few days. Also no word yet on whose brains Venom will be eating. Look for Venom – maybe – October 5th, 2018. No word on a release date yet on the possible Silver Sable/Black Cat film, or how they will be able to pull off a Black Cat that is the right age to have the proper amount of sex appeal while also dilly-dallying around with a movie Spider-Man who is now portrayed as 15 years old. Good luck, Sony!

Actually that’s just sarcasm; I seriously doubt we’ll see MCU Peter & Felicia together in a film at any point, at least not romantically – but then I also kinda doubt either of these movies will be made anytime soon. Also, on a side note – apologies for taking a few days to get to this. Brad’s on vacation and I’ve been very busy!

–George Berryman!

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  1. Symbiobro

    @Frontier I mostly enjoyed it too, but it honestly was so much worse than what Yost had done previously. I didn't care about the cat and dog characters, and I could care less about the Inhuman stuff. Not to mention, there was an issue about a giant bear mascot, and it was awful. I bought it mostly for Kaine and Aracely, and I wish we had just gotten a Scarlet Spider sequel instead.

  2. Crime Master

    The Venom film idea has been around for so long now, I'd much prefer a Spider-Man movie that gave him more than 10 minutes of screen-time and portrayed Eddie in a way that didn't border on parody. If they managed to capture the fear factor of his earlier stories (none of that lethal protector or being chased away by a lighter crap) we'd really have something special.

  3. George Berryman - Post author

    "I really wish New Warriors wasn't you only comic exposure to Yost George." Trust me, as someone who had to review that turdburger for the satellite reviews podcast, I really wish I hadn't read it either! Heh! Poor Bova had to "die" (we wish her a speedy resurrection) so we could get Jake Waffles & Mr. Whiskers. Not one of Marvel's better moments.

  4. Symbiobro

    I really wish New Warriors wasn't you only comic exposure to Yost George. His Scarlet Spider comic with Kaine is one of my favorite comics. And regarding the movie news, I don't care about them at all if they're not gonna be in the MCU, which all signs seem to point that they won't be.

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