UPDATED: Sony Releases New Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster (Two Versions)

Sony’s Twitter account tweeted the poster with the tagline “Homework can wait. The city can’t.” Despite the fact that, according to the poster, the city can wait for whatever MP3 track Spidey is listening to finishes. With great power comes sick beats, yo.

Note the Avengers tower in the background. Also note the absence of a Baxter Building with a Fantastic Four symbol on it, because screw you, Fox.

Hat Tip to Mohammed Jaafar.

UPDATED: Sony’s UK Twitter has released a second poster (at the bottom)

–George Berryman!

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  1. tnr105

    "With great power comes sick beats, yo." Is this supposed to be Peter Parker or Peter Quill? Odd they did a poster like this for Spidey but not GOTG.

  2. Justin Parris

    @Crime Master I think the wavy lines as a consistent choice is so the texture of the surfaces don't wash out on camera.

  3. Crime Master

    @WDCain, its part of the general MCU aesthetic, random lines on suits apparently just make everything so much cooler. I'm just glad they didn't try to make it look like armour.... (I actually like the suit as a whole, but the lines are definitely a bit rubbish)

  4. WDCain

    I just don't like the MCU spidey costume. What's with all the thick black parts on the red and thin black lines on the blue parts? Raimi's and ASM2 spidey suits are the best.

  5. Crime Master

    I'm sure they'll get the FF back eventually, but it'll be weird to have a universe where they appear so late. The lack of Fantastic Four is a blow to Spider-Man too considering how close they are in the 616 continuity, I'd have particularly liked to have seen the Human Torch interact with him onscreen.

  6. George Berryman - Post author

    Which is why I said "because screw you, Fox" in the post (i.e. for not making a deal to let the FF come to the MCU the way Sony did with Spidey). Also - we don't call people imbeciles here or throw personal insults at one another. Only warning.

  7. The Torture Masters of Tartarus

    Fox has the Fantastic Four movie rights, you imbecile! Marvel and Sony couldn't put the Baxter Building on there even if they wanted to.

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