Sony Unveils Yet Another Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster

Sony Pictures’ US Twitter account has released a third Spider-Man: Homecoming poster. That’s the third poster in two days. Two other posters were tweeted out yesterday.

This is where I’d tell you what the poster shows, which you wouldn’t read because you’re already looking at it. I mean, are you even reading what I am typing right now?


… anyone?

Hat tip to Mohammed Jaafar and Ashley!

–George Berryman! (who says this is his favorite poster of the last two days despite still not fully digging the costume)

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(5) Comments

  1. Will

    I'm surprised that there has been no mention of the Deadpool poster that is a parody of the 1st poster (the one where Spidey is wearing the headphones)

  2. Javi Trujillo

    Jay-a very good point! Symbiotic-Spider- thanks for pointing that out! Having only seen it on my phone I didn't notice till now. This is my favorite of the three, mainly due to the Queens reference and feels more classic Spidey without all the Avengers stuff in your face. I get why they want to advertise that, but for most of my life, Spidey was a solo act. I also didn't care for his school jacket. Not a good way to maintain the ol' secret identity.

  3. Jay Maddox

    Only thing is dislike aboit this poster is it looks like he is hanging from the sign by hollding on to the top using his right hand instead of adhering to it by his feet and finger tips like only Spider-Man can.

  4. Justin Parris

    I have been extremely excited for this movie, just because it's Spidey in the MCU. Every single item of promotional material they make for this thing though makes me feel a little bit more the way George does, and I'm not entirely certain why. These posters feel off to me.

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