Venom Feels The Deadpool Effect In Sony’s Non-Spidey Spidey Cinematic Universe? has a piece up today in which they claim to know that the recently announce Venom movie will be rated R and will be the start of Sony’s own Marvel Cinematic Universe (similar to Fox) which has nothing to do with Spider-Man and Disney’s MCU.

Collider also claims to know that the Venom film (which is being talked about as ‘sci-fi horror) is meant to be R-Rated, doubtless trying to emulate Deadpool’s success with an R rating, as well as Fox’s Logan. After Deadpool’s insanely strong box office showing, some industry analysts predicted a slew of R rated comic films trying to repeat the process. Venom may possibly be one such production.

So who’s ready for R-rated Venom that has no connection to Spider-Man? Or an R-rated Silver Sable & Black Cat which also have nothing to do with Spider-Man? If Collider’s information is correct, Sony is desperately hoping you are. And hey, Venom fans may actually get the chance to finally see Venom eat brains on the big screen! Maybe more than one brain! Because brains!

What other Spider-related characters might Sony try to capitalize on without Spider-Man? Carnage? Prowler? Spider-Man 2099? A Jackal film where he clones someone that’s not Peter Parker and kills them over and over again? At this point I wouldn’t put anything past Sony.

Hat tip to Mohammed Jaafar!

George Berryman!

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  1. Draco

    I really wish Sony would just stop at this point as they keep sabotaging the Spiderman movie franchise with decisions like this. They should just let the MCU do their thing and not meddle in any way.

  2. Symbiobro

    I hate the fact that Sony is trying to make movies about Spider-Man characters without Spider-Man. I've wanted Venom in the MCU for so long and now this. I just can't get excited for this. How do you explain the guy with a giant spider on his chest? And who knows George, maybe they'll have their own COMPLETELY ORIGINAL SPIDER-MAN in these movies who calls himself the Scarlet Spider! Ugh. What a mess.

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