Got Milk? Early 2000 Spider-Man Commercial

Remember this commercial? It’s from 2000 and was long before all these heroes were up on the big screen. It’s a fun commercial, but the lack of hyphen still bugs me with Spider-Man’s name plate. 

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  1. Mark Alford

    Hornacek's monocles are actually high quality? *gasp* reading glasses stay put (because of handy ear hooks), doesn't faint, but does take a nap because of old age

  2. hornacek

    @Mark - I buy my monocles at the same store that Pennybags and Mr. Peanut shop at. They are quality items fitted for my face!

  3. Mark Alford

    I had forgotten all about this one, but once I saw it, the memories came back. BD, no worries. Hornacek's monocle falls off quite​ a bit these days. I think it is to small for his large eyes!

  4. John

    Does anyone remember a Spider-Man Hudson Vitamin Commercial from the early 70's? Can find it online anywhere, though remember it was really cool.... It was the first Live Action Spider-Man I think....

  5. Crime Master

    I'm actually kind of interested that they used the Avengers since this would've been before most of them were really in the public eye like they are now.

  6. hornacek

    There isn't a hyphen in the "Spider Man Crawlspace" link at the top of this page (when you're logged in under a WordPress account) Wait a minute ... there isn't even a hyphen in this very website's URL! (gasps, monocle falls into martini glass, faints)

  7. Sano

    The lack of hyphen bothers me too and now and then there are reviews up here that don't use the hyphen either. Please monitor that a little better.

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