Todd McFarlane Talks Corner Box Art

I always loved this corner box art by artist Todd McFarlane. Check out this video where he discusses how he designed it.

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  1. Spider-Dad

    The Todd McFarlane run inserted much needed energy into the book. His artwork was celebrated at the time for the little things he brought to the table, like the corner art.The artwork shown in this interview initially appeared in ASM#302 and was augmented or changed several times in his run. In the Inferno crossover, little flames were added to the bottom, on #314, Spidey appeared with all new artwork with him wearing a Santa hat. The corner art returned to Todd's version again in #315 until #326 until the "doubled webs" appeared in #327. Larsen then changed the corner art in #331 and that version stayed until Bagley changed it with #361.The corner art was replaced with a Spidey circle logo with issue #404, until it returned with #425.OK, that is enough of Spidey corner art for now...

  2. BD

    Matt, Great story about McFarlane. I just re-read his run again this year and his art is just amazing, literally. I'm still trying to get that interview with him.

  3. Matt Byrd

    Hey Brad, I am probably the only other Spider-Man fan that loves Todd's art, as much as your do. In fact I have met him three times and each time he was so humbling in just wanting to talk at the time. I even got to meet his wife Wanda the third time, and when I saw him the second time I brought page 8 from his second story arc in "Spider-Man" issue 10 of the child killer arc and overpaid him on our agreed price and he had kept the payment for it on his drawing board till we met the third time when he just started working on Spawn in 1992 he told me he needed my address at the time, for he had a traveler check of mine so I gave him my address. Soon after that time, I received a hand written letter of thanks for being at event along with my traveler's check for 20 bucks!

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