Podcast # 462-Homecoming Trailer Reaction, Slott on Marriage, Retailer Summet, Ditko Chair

Here are some of the topics discussed on this episode focusing on Spider-News.

*Reaction to new Spider-Man trailer
*Future of Sony and Marvel films
*Silver Sable and Venom films coming soon?
*Edge of the Venomverse mini-series
*Dan Slott takes to the message boards to declare the Spider-Marriage is never, ever, ever,ever coming back.
*Marvel returns to the grocery stores
*Wrap Up of Retailer Summet
*Baby Spidey Bongo
*Ditto Chair News

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  1. Jim W.

    I've heard it said the main reason for Marvel's slow decline is the fact that they don't have anyone in charge who is an unabashed fan-boy of the Marvel U. No one will come forward and say "I am the best person to put out this dumpster fire because I know how this universe works and I truly LOVE it." Take a cue from Geoff Johns at DC. He is an unabashed, unapologetic fan of the DCU.. That's why he wrote DC Universe Rebirth, and did a wonderful job. (And actually said "sorry" for the New 52). Until Marvel finds someone who actually respects their characters and acts as a true custodian of their universe, we will be subjected to this current dreck of following whichever way the winds of "social justice" happen to be blowing. I will happily re-read Marvel's output from 1978-1987, the Jim Shooter years. Now there is a man who righted the ship. Where is the new Jim Shooter?

  2. Jack

    There is plenty of on-line proof that Slott's claims can't be trusted, so listening to him is like listening to a Peanuts grown-up going "WAH-wah-wah-WAH-WAH-wah." I can tell you when Marvel should really get rid of the Spider-marriage: when a large number of customers don't want it anymore. Quesada got rid of it, not because a large number of customers wanted it gone, but because he and his corporate cohorts thought it was boring. In other words, Marvel management has been prioritizing their own tastes for a very long time. Their current sales troubles isn't solely caused by the destruction of the Spider-marriage, but it's an emblem of a narcissistic mind-set that has led to lots of other mistakes, which has cumulatively led to their current problems.

  3. Spider-Dad

    Never? Then why have an alternate universe book called Renew Your Vows? If the Cubs can finally win the WS, then Peter and MJ will be married again.

  4. RDMacQ

    The thing about the "Why do you ask Slott" is a bit erroneous. People weren't asking Slott about this. People were having a conversation, and Slott came in himself to make this rant. No one was seeking him out. They were just saying that "One Day" the marriage "may" come back. Down the line. That, for some reason, was more than Slott could bear.

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