Podcast #463- Friday Night Harry Goblin Fight

Friday Night Fights return and in this throw down we take you back to 1992. George takes on Spectacular Spider-Man # 189. Harry Osborn is now insane and goes up against Spidey one more time. Who comes out on top and is the friendship now over?


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(3) Comments

  1. Thrawn

    Ah, Spec #189. My first Green Goblin comic I ever read or owned. It's a bit contradictory to me. I don't like Harry as a villain, but this is one of the finest issues of Spider-Man ever written and drawn in my opinion. The facial expressions on Liz and Normie express their emotions so well. This issue ties story telling, plot, art, and emotion together perfectly. This issue is a masterpiece in my opinion.

  2. George Too Lazy To Get Up From His Easy Chair

    In this episode I mention Spidey hurting his arm after getting charged by the Rhino during the Sinister Syndicate fight. It was not his arm; it was in fact a concussion.

  3. George Berryman

    We specifically chose this song (Brad's pick!) for the following lyrics: Heirs of a cold war, That's what we've become Inheriting troubles, I'm mentally numb Crazy, I just cannot bear I'm living with something that just isn't fair So much of it related to Harry, what he "inherits" from his father and the ongoing war between Spider-Man & the Goblin. Very appropriate!

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