The Crawlspace Top 50 Spider-Man Stories Master List

To celebrate the new Spider-Man movie, Mark Alford and I asked the Crawlspace contributors (both for the podcast and the columns) for their lists of the best Spider-Man comic book stories. These were were then compiled into a Top 50, which we covered over the course of several columns in the Tangled Webs/ Cobwebs series. Here it is one place with links to the original articles, as well as related material.

First, the countdown…

50. Marvel Team Up #79 (Red Sonja)
49. Spectacular Spider-Man #27 (The Final Curtain)
48. Amazing Spider-Man #41-43 (Rhino, Mary Jane)
47. Amazing Spider-Man #383-385 (The Jury)
46. Amazing Spider-Man #657 (Torchsong)
45. Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (Sinister Six)
44. Ultimate Spider-Man #1-7 (Power & Responsibility)
43. Amazing Spider-Man #666-673 (Spider Island)
42. Spectacular Spider-Man #200 (Best Enemies)
41. Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) #1-13
40. Power & Responsibility (1990s crossover that kicked off the Clone Saga)
39. Amazing Spider-Man #617, 625 (Gauntlet: Rhino)
38. Ultimate Spider-Man #97-105 (Ultimate Clone Saga)
37. Fantastic Four #347-349 (New Fantastic Four)
36. Amazing Spider-Man #269-270 (Firelord)
35. Amazing Spider-Man #578-579 (Unscheduled Stop)
34. Amazing Spider-Man Volume 2 #36 (September 11)
33. Amazing Spider-Man #141-149 (Clone Saga)
32. Amazing Spider-Man #39-40 (Green Goblin Unmasked)
31. Spider-Men #1-5
30. Amazing Spider-Man #655-656 (No One Dies)
29. Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1-5
28. Ultimate Spider-Man #8-13 (Learning Curve)
27. Spider-Man/ Human Torch: I’m With Stupid #1-5
26. Amazing Spider-Man Volume 2 #49-50 (Doomed Affairs)
25. Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 (The Wedding)
24. Amazing Spider-Man #400 (The Gift)
23. Spider-Man #75 (Revelations Part 4)
22. Amazing Spider-Man #267 (The Commuter)
21. Ultimate Spider-Man #156-160 (Death of Spider-Man)
20. Amazing Spider-Man #238-239 (Hobgoblin)
19. Amazing Spider-Man #252-259 (Alien Costume Saga)
18. Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1 (To Have and to Hold)
17. Amazing Spider-Man #1
16. Amazing Spider-Man #50-52 (Spider-Man No More/ In the Clutches of the Kingpin)
15. Amazing Spider-Man #193-200 (Return of the Burglar)
14. Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1-12 (Down Among the Dead Men)
13. Amazing Spider-Man #300 (Venom)
12. Amazing Spider-Man #539-543 (Back in Black)
11. Amazing Spider-Man Volume 2 #30-35, 37-38 (Coming Home/ The Conversation)
10. Superior Spider-Man #1-10
9. Spider-Man: Blue
8. Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #72-79 (The Owl-Octopus War/ The Final Battle)
7. Amazing Spider-Man #229-230 (Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut)
6. Amazing Spider-Man #248 (The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man)
5. Amazing Spider-Man #31-33 (The Master Planner Saga)
4. Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #107-110 (Death of Jean Dewolff)
3. Amazing Fantasy #15
2. Amazing Spider-Man #121-122 (The Night Gwen Stacy Died)
1. Kraven’s Last Hunt

I posted a later analysis exploring details about the stories (which writers and artists were most popular, etc.)

There was a separate list composed of reader submissions.

There are a few other related articles, which featured commentary on this list, or on many of the stories in this list.

Since these are some of the most notable Spider-Man stories ever, the Crawlspace has published quite a few articles on the individual stories. These include…

Some of the stories were also covered in podcast episodes. There have also been interviews with some of the writers, artists and editors responsible.


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