Sony Releases New Trailer For Spider-Man: Homecoming (Updated With International Trailer)

Thanks to Eddie for bringing this to our intention this morning. This may be the last officially official trailer for the Sony/Marvel MCU Spider-Man film since it’s releasing July 7th.

Notably absent in this trailer are Liz (who we’ve been told is the “romantic interest”) and Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May. In fact, not only do they not show Liz but they keep focusing on Zendaya’s ‘Michelle,’ who is/isn’t/whatever MJ, you guys.

I edited out three paragraphs worth of snark over this thing which would have made it an editorial and not a news bit. Funny snark, in that ‘humor as a defense mechanism’ sort of way. You’re welcome. I just don’t care anymore. The only thing that looks interesting here is Michael Keaton. Rest of it looks like something that just doesn’t understand Spider-Man much.


Our pal stillanerd says the international trailer id better. I agree, because it has way more Michael Keaton in it – though his beef is clearly with Tony Stark. In a Spider-Man film.

–George “Screw You, Monkey’s Paw” Berryman!

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  1. Vernboski

    This feels like it was originally written as a Robin movie, and they just replaced Robin and Batman with Spider-Man and Iron Man.

  2. JMH

    The more trailers and TV spots I see, the less optimistic I am. I'm reasonably sure it will be a fun movie, but I seriously doubt it's going to have a compelling story and great character development. Like Mr. Berryman, I believe Keaton-Vulture will be the best part.

  3. TJayT

    On the poster, don’t worry, Marvel released an edited version that is much clearer about the story.

  4. Peter

    I honestly don't think Zendaya is going to be Mary Jane or "MJ". Or anything affiliated with Mary Jane Watson. They will probably save that for the sequel. If they were smart, cast the actress and don't tell anyone about it and the end of the movie have Mary Jane see Peter climbing out the window, then zoom in on the actress playing her. In my opinion should be Francesca Eastwood. That would be a surprise and out of no where since everyone is thinking Zendaya is playing her. There's the "We fooled you!" moment. Don't think it's gonna happen like a lot of things that SHOULD happen in this movie.

  5. Evan

    I hope this movie doesn't do a reveal at the end similar to the off-hand "Robin" name-drop reveal at the end of The Dark Knight Rises. On the one hand I could see that happening because it's stupid, and on the other I don't know if Marvel wants Peter and Mary Jane associated in that way any longer, except from a sales perspective, of course.

  6. ac

    Trying to be positive, which is a new thing for me, but is it possible that almost everything in the trailer is in the first half of the movie, and that he splits from iron man much sooner than we think? The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer seemed to give a lot away, but most of it happened way early.

  7. George Berryman - Post author

    "George, Will your opinion on this movie be posted somewhere relatively quickly after release?" Count on it! If I can swing it, I'll post it late Thursday night after the sneak peek night. But it will definitely be that weekend and we'll *probably* do a quick podcast that weekend like we usually do with key movie stuff.

  8. Ryan C Read

    I'm still interested, but I'm not sure, but I'm a tech person so I can see writing a piece for how much tech is too much and how much is away from Spider-Man after this. I'm just excited to get the Vulture to the big screen, but I agree with George and others. Too much Tony Stark.

  9. Justin Parris

    George, Will your opinion on this movie be posted somewhere relatively quickly after release? I'm considering only seeing it in theaters pending your endorsement. I have two kids under two, I can't afford to waste a babysitting day pissing myself off.

  10. Victor

    Seeing the international trailer, now it seems like Vulture's beef is actually with Spidey, for disrupting something the Avengers were oblivious to for the last few years. The movie gets a few points for that, but it loses those same points because of everything else.

  11. Sthenurus

    Had this been a miles Morales movie, I'd have been all over it. But a peter Parker movie? Too far from the character core.

  12. Justin Parris

    Not watching the trailer, but I did see the official movie poster......which is gag worthy If t here's one thing I need to see in a Spider-Man ad, it's Iron Man......twice.

  13. Peter

    I am seeing waaaay too much Stark in this and I just had a thought. What if this is a business tactic by Marvel? Pour a bunch of "MCU gravy" all over Spidey, watch it be a blockbuster hit and watch the dollar amount roll. Sony will have no choice BUT to sell the rights back to Marvel. Maybe this why Marvel's poster boy is all over this?

  14. David

    Starting to think that Uncle Ben isn't even the reason Peter become a hero in the MCU, which would be horrible. He's so damn focused on "Mr. Stark", I wouldn't be surprised if they made Ironman his sole reason for wanting to be a hero. Only thing that will make this movie bearable is Peter telling Stark to keep his stupid fancy suit at the end of the movie.

  15. Victor

    Well, this was the nail in the coffin for me. I'll just wait until this one is on TV or something (for the first time ever, I really don't want to watch a Spider-Man film in the theatre, because I don't wanna spend any money on it).

  16. Peter

    Iron Man 4. I had such high hopes for this movie. I'm sure I will highly enjoy the movie and I'm "okay" with them "modernizing" the film. I honestly think they went off rails here when it comes to Spider-Man character and supporting characters. I understand them mixing the Ultimate version more into this, I just don't care for it. It's Spidey, I'll see it and I'll enjoy it, but more than likely I will walk out of the theater stating "They could have done that better."

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