First Look at “Marvel’s Spider-Man” Cartoon on Disney XD

Marvel gave TV Guide an exclusive look at the new Spider-Man cartoon. It will premiere this summer on Disney XD. What do you think of it? Thanks to Neil on our Facebook for the heads up.

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  1. Jeff gutman

    @ Bill: I think marvels attitude to spider-man over the last ten years can be described as this: 1) it's taken for granted that kids will buy spider-man comics regardless of how badly they're written. The sales prove that. So they can keep a terrible writer like Slott on the title because kids will buy regardless of quality just because it's spider-man. 2) since kids will buy regardless of quality, they can use spider-man comics as a tool to introduce other characters. Notice how many times over the last ten years that spidey is a guest star in his own book. That's no accident. He's being used to introduce new titles, not as a character in his own right worthy of the audiences full attention 3) ultimately, marvel views him as a figurehead of their grand, much as Mickey Mouse is for Disney. He's less a character and more of an icon they keep on their stationary.

  2. Bill

    @Borvoc Marvel Comics as a whole seems to have had a lack of respect for Spider-Man as a character for well over 10-years now.

  3. Borvoc

    @Jeff Gutman I assume this is supposed to be his prototype suit or whatnot. You know, like his wrestling suit in the first Spider-Man film. Still, I'm not particularly impressed with the direction, though the animation is fluid. I really wish they'd stop so recklessly and heavily modifying elements of the Spider-Man mythos. Max Model running Peter's high school? I don't mind modifications that are in the Spirit of Spider-Man's history, but this seems to lack respect for the character, his origins, and the books he comes from. In my opinion, anyway.

  4. krankyboy

    Peter goes to "Modell High School" which Max Modell runs (Dan Slott is a consulting producer), so I have a feeling that Spidey will make the costume by using his technology. At least, that's my guess. As for the show, it looks fairly bad. The gag about Spider-Man trying to use a subway card while the Scorpion is chasing after him would've had me scratching my head as a kid. If anything, it makes the hero look like an utter fool. But that was the type of gag you'd often see in Ultimate Spider-Man. And as soon as I read the Ultimate people (Phil Pigmotti, etc) would be behind this series, I expected the worst. Certainly lived down to my expectations from this clip.

  5. Crime Master

    @Jeff Gutman, the worst part is that Tony will probably give him his suit just like in the MCU, so kids will now have it in their heads that Stark made the suit for him as a defining part of the character.

  6. Jeff Gutman

    What is with that costume??? Who on earth thinks that looks better than Spidey's classic costume? Its a ski mask with goggles over it. Ridiculous. I get it that its supposed to be what a kid his age would put together on a budget and sure the actual Spidey costume would cost too much for a poor teenager in Queens to throw together on his budget. But we're talking about a character who was bitten by a radioactive spider. Its ok to bend reality a little and give him his actual costume!

  7. Enigma_2099

    To paraphrase the great , omnipotent, almighty George Berryman(send the money to the usual place.), I'm still waiting for Spider-Man's version of Batman: The Animated Series.

  8. David

    Eeeeeh... Too many cliche one liners, not enough clever quips (Actually, no clever quips were present at all here). At least it looks better than Ultimate. Did he really have to use a metro pass for the subway? You're freaking Spider-man, who's gonna stop you?!

  9. Crime Master

    Eeeeeh.... I understand that Spectacular Spider-Man coming back is something that'll never happen, but I was really hoping this show would take some cues from it in telling some mature intelligent stories, and respecting the character. I hate to judge, but this scene doesn't make me optimistic that'll happen.

  10. Sano

    Who's voicing Spider-Man? He sounds like Johnny Test. It's a step up from Drake Bell at least. So long as they don't bring Drake's little girl monkey scream back.

  11. Peter

    Well, THIS put the damper on my hopes that this would actually be a GOOD Spider-Man cartoon. I still see the Ultimate version vibe from this. Seriously...he couldn't jump over the train railing??......he HAD to use his card....? *eye roll* Spectacular Spider-Man FOR THE WIN!

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