June 2017 Is Mary Jane Month

As the title says, June has turned out to be Mary Jane Month, and as such, we’ve been inundated with MANY Mary Jane variants, most of which are priced normally. And it’s not just limited to covers, she also has her own Marvel Legends figure, which comes in a 2-pack accompanied by Spider-Man wearing the new costume (ugh).

As for who is Mary Jane, I’ll leave that for you to read her Comicvine bio to find out, because she has such a long and interesting history, it would take up this whole post to go through it.

So without further delay, I present to you every variant that has thus far been revealed (39 at last count) for the month of June 2017,

but first take a look at the her Marvel Legends figure

For a closer look, head over to Marvel Toy News

And now for the variants, as you can see I have split them into their respective release dates (which can change), but that is not to say they can’t be purchased today. 

June 7th

June 14th

June 21st

June 28th

Exclusives & other Mary Jane covers due out this month

June 7th

June 14th

June 21st

June 28th

And the one that came out May 24th


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(7) Comments

  1. Jeff Gutman

    I dont care if Peter and MJ are married. I dont care if they're even a couple. Hell, I dont even care if shes a supporting character! There are plenty of great stories that dont feature MJ. I just want GOOD STORIES. Period. That shouldnt be so hard. Under Slott , that will never happen. And really, good stories arent dependent on whether or not Peter is married.

  2. Jack

    Who is getting away with this, when we all know that everybody at Marvel agrees with Dan Slott that Mary Jane is an "anti-Marvel" character because she's too beautiful?

  3. Crime Master

    I find it pretty damn obnoxious how Marvel clearly know how popular MJ is, and yet still go out of their way to undermine her relationship with Peter, like they're trying to annoy the fans as opposed to being simply ignorant.

  4. Danny DeMent

    -Constantly state Peter & MJ will never be a thing again -Insult your fans who don't blindly agree the character was "destroyed" for twenty years by being married -Constantly shiptease them anyways. Good ol' Tonedeaf Marvel.

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