Romita Talks Replacing Ditko

Jazzy John Romita recently did an interview with SYFY and he talks about replacing Steve Ditko on Amazing Spider-Man. He also shares his two favorite issues of his run on the book. It’s a short interview but it is with a legend.

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  1. Ghost of Ben Reilly

    @hornacek Perhaps, but Spider-Man surged in popularity after Ditko left the book, and Romita Sr is the key reason why. Peter's attitude softened and characters were drawn as more attractive (Romita's background was in romance comics and he brought that sensibility).

  2. hornacek

    @Ghost of Ben Reilly it's understandable that he would feel that way. Spider-Man at that time was incredibly popular, and a lot of that was due to Ditko's art. I would think any artist, no matter how talented, would start on that book after Ditko with a lot of trepidation. I'm not familiar with pre-Spider-Man Romita Sr. work, but it feels like when he took over it was John Romita Sr. and not JOHN ROMITA SR.

  3. Ghost of Ben Reilly

    "I always felt like a visitor on Spider-Man." Startling, because to me JR, Sr. is THE transcendent artist against whom all others pale by comparison -- even Ditko himself.

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